Praise old age

In old age sadly only one thing: that it also passes...

It is generally not appropriate to praise old age. It is considered the period of the extinction of human life, the weakening of all functions of his body. But this is not entirely true. Ageing is the most intensive, Mature and wise creativity of people, when the knowledge and experience acquired during life, reached the highest blossoming. People can and should live long. To do this in our country created all conditions. People began to die in a later age, dramatically increased the number of pensioners has changed the boundaries of age periods.
Many interesting questions connected with the problem of aging, longevity, says in his fascinating monographs Soviet hygienist and gerontologist Professor A. N. Rubakin.
It will read with interest not only older people, but also young.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. From the history of the problem
Chapter 2. The age composition of the population
Chapter 3. Life expectancy
Chapter 4. Biological life expectancy
Chapter 5. The health of the elderly and senile age
Chapter 6. Biology of aging and old age
Chapter 7. The decline and disappearance of diseases as factors painless old age