Problems and achievements in medicine

To offer the reader section, which encompasses four revised and updated chapters from works by the same author "On the roads of science", the author tells about some problems of medicine. They are United by one feature: the main operating healing factor in every problem has a biological nature. The statement aims to show how there was the problem of how the eye evolved and how, finally, the scientists were able to make it happen.
What we call medical achievements "findings", does not mean that they are something random. No. They prepared the whole process of development of science, the preceeding the work of an army of scientists, leading research idea in a certain direction. Victory never comes by itself. Find what you're looking for. And find those who know how to search and find who has the gift to move science forward, opening her their successes new horizons, new opportunities.
Of primary importance are the conditions in which the work of a researcher.
One thing is the development of science in the conditions of the socialist system, but under capitalism.
Socialism opens unlimited space for the inquisitive human mind and the practical application of scientific discoveries.
The Soviet state releases huge amounts of money for the construction and operation of research institutes, laboratories. Our scientists are surrounded by the warm love of his people, constant cares of the Bolshevik party and the Soviet government.
The Stalin prize, awarded annually for outstanding scientific works and inventions are one of the expressions of attention, which is used in the USSR scientific workers.
Naturally, the conditions created by the Soviet authorities, help our scientists to move science forward.
This applies, in particular, and to medicine.
Soviet medicine is developing in close connection with Michurinsky biological science, Pavlovskaya physiology.
Michurinsky biology teaches that the development of organisms is closely connected with environmental conditions. Strengthening some environmental factors, weakening the other, combining them, you can change the properties of plants and animals and create new views with the desired recognition, which can be inherited.
Take for example the area of Microbiology. Some microbes, Dangerous for human life, you can put in such conditions that they are transformed into harmless microbes and give the same safe for human offspring.
From here, and from many other provisions of the Michurinsk biology, it is clear that it is of great importance for medicine, for preduprezdal the occurrence of a disease.
The great Russian physiologist I. P. Pavlov discovered that all the processes in a living organism, both in normal conditions and in conditions of diseases are under the control of the higher functions of the Central nervous system, under the control of the big hemispheres of a brain. Onset, development, current, the outcome of the disease depend on the state of the nervous system, the nature of its participation in disease processes. Therefore, when exposed to the disease it is necessary to consider primarily the impact on the nervous system.
In June - July 1950 in Moscow took place the joint session of the USSR Academy of Sciences and Academy of medical Sciences of the USSR, devoted to the problems of teaching Pavlova.
For several days the most outstanding scientists of the Soviet Union were discussing the most pressing scientific questions. It was kind of a creative report of Soviet science on its activities in the field of biology, physiology, medicine.
The session has shown that in our country science, inspired by the genius of the great Stalin, goes forward as nowhere else. Its achievements are enormous.
Work Pavlovskaya session held under the sign of fundamental criticism and self-criticism, had a beneficial impact on the further development of medicine, both curative and preventive.
Teaching Pavlov entered in all the departments of medicine, promises unprecedented rise of the science of disease control.
Only in our country, in the country of victorious socialism, where the most valuable capital - human, the conquest of medicine serve the health of the masses. This was possible also in the countries of people's democracy, which, following the example of the Soviet Union, build a new life.
In the report of the 34th anniversary of the great October socialist revolution comrade L. P. Beria noted that in the result of the growth of people's welfare and success of the Soviet health mortality in the USSR in comparison with the pre-1940 decreased in two times, and child mortality has dropped even more. "The annual net increase of the population of the USSR for several years exceeds population growth in 1940 and is more than three million souls."
At that time, as the Soviet scientists create better and better the existing means of protection from microbes and related diseases in U.S. labs researchers are busy producing bacteria with the purpose of possible destruction of people.
Our science helps life. Their science helps death.
It is quite clear that in countries where science tasks associated with the destruction of millions of people, caring for the welfare of the masses cannot take place.
The benefits of science here mostly used by the exploiting classes, and ordinary people suffer, live in poverty, prematurely senile and die.
For the capitalist system characterized published in Newspapers message about the will of some Alice Baldwin. This rich English before his death in January 1949 bequeathed all his major condition... homeless cats!
In exact accordance with the will of the residents of the huge house of the dead were deported with all his treasure. In their place were settled collected from everywhere stray cats. All accommodations went well under the cat shelter.
And this comes at a time when hundreds of thousands of unemployed, their wives, children, elderly people deprived of food, live in a ruined huts and even under the open sky.
This fact, as in a drop of water, reflects the ugliness of decaying capitalism.
And such facts is not an exception.
Is it possible, for example, to imagine that in the United States of America to a sick worker living for many hundreds of kilometers from the railway, flew on a plane doctor to provide emergency assistance? No, of course. 't enough, the patient work of means to pay for such assistance, even vital, bearing salvation from death!
But if the Soviet worker or a farmer, or a teacher, or someone else needs the same circumstances in the emergency room, the plane will deliver a doctor and even the large expert in any item. And no payment from the patient is not required.
Protection from diseases we have the national cause.
As vigilant sentry on guard of health of citizens of the USSR worth of Soviet medicine.