Prevention of rheumatic fever in children and adolescents

Section in the popular form tells about the causes of rheumatoid arthritis, child care, patients with rheumatism. Special attention is paid to prevention of this disease.
Designed for parents and caregivers.

The disease rheumatic fever occurs most often in children. Rheumatic fever in adults is often only a continuation of the disease, beginning in childhood or adolescence.
Therefore, in the struggle with this misery important primary prevention of rheumatic fever in children.
The steady improvement of the material and cultural level of the population of our country, as well as extensive preventive measures, carried out on the basis of the decisions of the party and government, led to decrease the incidence of rheumatism and easier disease.
But despite this, rheumatism is a dangerous disease, which threatens not only the health but also the lives of children.
The greatest successes in the fight against rheumatism achieve during its early detection and treatment.
A wide acquaintance of the parents, teachers, educators with the characteristics of the course of the disease and methods of prevention will lead to a further reduction in the incidence of rheumatic fever in children and adolescents.