Dialogue on medicine

Dialogue on medicine is interesting section-study with popular understanding and analysis of facts, statistics, generalizations. It is conceived as a dialogue between doctors and patients, since the relationship is the concept of two-way. It is impossible to consider the ratio of doctors to patients in isolation from the relationship of society and patients to doctors.
About the attitude of the doctor to the patient's written a lot, but on the obligations of the patient in relation to the doctor and medicine, write and speak a little.
I want to have the idea that "to become a doctor easier than to be a doctor", entered deeply into the soul and doctors, and those preparing to enter on the path of medicine, and those who turn to us for help.
The section is devoted to relations between patients and doctors in the conditions of scientific-technical revolution, as well as the problems of medicine that most attracted the attention of the population at the present time. Discusses the impact of the growth in the number of doctors and so-called feminization of medicine, free medical care and mass media, increase of the share of older persons. Special chapters are devoted to the controversial issues of rational lifestyle, neurosis, sexual culture, medical errors, psychology doctor when he is sick.


  • N. Century Elshtein
  • The doctor, the patient and time
  • Medical ethics and deontology
  • Today the doctor
  • How much is the price?
  • The splendor and misery of technicism
  • Medicine and fashion
  • Induced diseases
  • The quacks and charlatans in medicine
  • Heavenly bodies, biorhythms and health
  • Pseudoprophetoe and common sense
  • The correct use of drugs
  • Against medical maximalism
  • Neurosis - the disease of the century?
  • Sexual culture and sex education
  • Old age and the crisis of medicine
  • Assistants of healing
  • Optimism, pessimism and treatment
  • About death
  • Ethics patient
  • The authority of the doctor
  • The price of medical errors
  • When the doctor becomes sick
  • The path that we choose
  • Literature
  • Dialogue about medicine, of course, is not exhausted. And hardly it is possible to exhaust. To it will inevitably return, new pages will be created, revisits old. Such is the dialectics of human relationships, healing, life.