The action of natural factors on humans

This section describes the modern aspects of the relationship of man and nature and shows the therapeutic value of mineral waters, therapeutic muds and climate in the prevention of various diseases. In detail physiological essence of human life and defines the role of protective and adaptive systems of the body in strengthening human health.
Is intended for readers interested in the problems of physiology and medicine.



This section is devoted to one of the actual problems of modern biology and medicine. The question of the relationship of man and nature, about the place and role of some factors of the external environment in the development and treatment of a number of common diseases acquires currently extremely important. Scientific-technical revolution everywhere invades a person's life, changing the rhythm of this life, the environment and the structure of morbidity. Effects on the body production factors, frequent stress, not always justified powerful chemotherapy and specific way of life has led not only to change the course of many diseases, but also to the appearance of qualitatively different lesions encompassed by the term "diseases of civilization". It would be wrong to think that these diseases are the necessary consequence of civilization. This is usually a result of incorrect and irresponsible use of the opportunities provided by human civilization.
Disclosure of the mechanism of the development of some common diseases, along with the identification of the role of natural factors in the recovery of the disturbed functions and formation of physiological mechanisms of protection of the body, can serve as a basis for understanding the relationship between man and nature. Discussion of these issues and is dedicated to this topic.
Although a popular exposition of the processes underlying the regulation and restore body functions in a variety of diseases - not an easy task, the author successfully coped with her. When considering the various forms of heart disease and blood vessels, stomach and intestines, liver and musculoskeletal given detailed description of the changes, developing at the same time. This approach enables you to understand what is the involvement of one or another level of management in the development of each disease, what should be the behavior of the patient in the various forms of the disease and how they can be used natural factors (mineral water, therapeutic mud, and so on) in treatment-and-prophylactic purposes. When assessing functional communication and control systems ensure shows what a complex transformation develop in the body, as closely intertwined nervous and humoral processes, what hormones and biologically active substances included in the occurrence of inflammatory or degenerative lesions and what is the significance of environmental factors in the regulation and restoration of impaired functions.
The section is quite popular, is read with interest. It usefully read people of different professions interested in the problems of the influence of environmental factors on human health.