First medical aid

In the textbook sets out the General concepts and basic provisions of the first medical aid for a variety of accidents and sudden illnesses. The problems of aseptics and antiseptics. Details the methods of first aid for bleeding, electric traumas, poisoning and suffocation, heat and sun beats. In this edition in a separate Chapter dedicated fundamentals of intensive care. The textbook is written in accordance with the program approved by the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation, and is intended for students of medical and laboratory assistant and dental departments of medical colleges.

This tutorial in connection with change of the curriculum has undergone significant processing. Also included are new sections and omitted those topics that are not included in the program study. For greater clarity, the new figures and schemes.
The tutorial covers the principles of first aid, accepted in our country, and the task facing providing first aid in case of accidents and sudden illnesses. It also describes signs of life and death of the victims.
The tutorial can be divided into two parts: the first part includes General questions (antiseptics, asepsis, desmurgy), principles of first aid, resuscitation, transportation of victims and suddenly ill; second, the provision of first aid at traumas, burns, frostbite, bleeding, electric shock, drowning, poisoning, birth, etc.

Table of contents
Chapter I. General concepts of the first medical aid
Chapter II. Basic concepts about antiseptic and asepsis
   Chemical antiseptic substances
   Biological antiseptic substances
   Dressings and its sterilization
Surgical instruments and its sterilization
Syringes, their sterilization and application
Hands processing and disinfection of gloves
Chapter III. The doctrine of dressings (desmurgy)
Soft bandages
The technique of blending soft bandages on separate areas of the body
Hard bandages
Chapter IV. General principles of first aid
Chapter V. Shock
Chapter VI. Principles and methods of reanimation
General disorders in the body in terminal States
Tasks resuscitation
Resuscitation with the stopping of breathing
Resuscitation with cardiac arrest
Intensive care
Organization reanimation
Chapter VII. First aid for injuries and bleeding
Infection of the Russian Academy of Sciences
First aid for injuries and bleeding
Peculiarities of first aid with the injuries of head, thorax and abdomen
First aid for some of the external and internal bleeding
Blood transfusion
Chapter VIII. First aid for injuries of soft tissues, joints and bones
First aid with the injuries, sprains, tears, compression and dislocations
Fractures. First aid for broken bones
Chapter IX. First aid for burns and frostbite
Thermal burns
Chemical burns
The total freezing
Chapter X. First aid in case of accidents and sudden illnesses
when electric shock and lightning stroke
when drowning, suffocation and collapsing the earth
when carbon monoxide poisoning and coal gas
when food poisoning
in case of poisoning by pesticides
when poisoning concentrated acid and caustic alkalis
in case of poisoning by drugs and alcohol
when the heat and sun stroke
when bitten by rabid animals or poisonous snakes
when foreign bodies ear, nose, eyes, respiratory tract and gastrointestinal tract
in acute diseases of abdominal cavity organs
renal colic and acute urinary retention
in stroke (bleeding into the brain), a nervous and hysterical fits
in acute cardiovascular insufficiency
when pulmonary edema
in myocardial infarction
with a sudden childbirth
Chapter XI. Nursing - elements of first-aid