How to eat

  • Proper nutrition for health
  • The emergence of civilization diseases caused by destruction of habitats and not always correct nutrition: the poisoning of the soil, water, air, waste, industrial production, especially heavy metals, the decrease in the soil of essential trace element - "activators of life, supporting the immune system, and other Section introduces the reader to the role of each of trace elements in the life of the human body and gives clear, practical advice on lack of these micronutrients.
    The section that you are going to read a totally "new face" of medicine. It shows the medicine is prevention, in a relaxed, friendly manner suggesting a way to prevent diseases, gives a hefty dose of optimism people, weary mentor tone scientific authorities, sparkling whiteness of hospital wards and boredom well-equipped health centers.
    Modern development of biological and physical Sciences as their achievements leads to such a narrow specialization that representatives of different disciplines often no longer able to understand each other, even when we are talking just about the prospects of further scientific research.
    Science deeper splits into parts world of living nature. This situation can be compared with the behavior of the child, out of curiosity, wanting to see what lurks inside the house made of bricks, takes each of them carefully in his hands, and in a minute with confusion and fright sees a broken toy. It seems that the same analogy can be used to estimate the so-called modern achievements in the field of biological and medical Sciences. It is hard to expect that even an outstanding specialist in one narrow field of science is well-versed in the dependencies that exist between the individual links of the trophic chain of the whole ecosystem of soil - plant - animal - man.
    This is one of the few attempts modern, based on the achievements of many areas of science approach to the phenomena that are called life on earth.
    Great work and passion biologists and doctors can benefit mankind just using this interdisciplinary interpretation of phenomena, and the measure of this benefit is global assessment of its importance for the whole population. Simply put, not results in the treatment of the individual should be considered as the main criterion in the evaluation of scientific achievements and wide dissemination of the mass of the means or methods of disease prevention in General society. Even when "scientists ' opinions differ.
    In the past, people with horror perceived the news of infectious diseases, "morah", and today almost equally troubling we have so-called "diseases of civilization". Interdisciplinary perspective on the most formidable of them - cancer - no sounds terrible "Memento...".
    Offers preventive measures that prevent the emergence of this terrible disease; they are based primarily on proper nutrition.
    Recent sophisticated methods of physiological studies have confirmed the role of trace elements at the submolecular level processes that determine the correct course of oxidation reactions in the core of mammalian cells. There are also phenomena that explain the obvious connection between uncontrolled violent cancer development cell plasma and properly functioning oxidation processes that depend on the presence of certain trace elements, vitamins and other compounds in our daily diet.
    We offer ways to compensate shortage or removal of surpluses of biologically important compounds. In these compounds biophysicist sees "substrates transfer of electrons", a biochemist - "prosthetic group of apoenzymes", ecologist - "correction of violations in the trophic chain", doctors - "parafarmakologicheskoy drugs to prevent the occurrence of disease processes".
    Being supporters of preventive measures, we see in them a real opportunity to improve the health of people.
    I would like to note that the category of "Proper nutrition" suggests new avenues of research for disparate groups of highly specialized research centers. But first of all it will provide invaluable assistance to all women who shoulder the responsibility for proper nutrition of their loved ones.
    In conclusion, I would also like to note that the brilliant achievements of medicine have saved in a seemingly hopeless, threatening situation a person's life. It would be nice if others in a more or less related medicine science supported her in this interdisciplinary version.

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