Nutrition of children of early age

This section provides materials for the organization of rational nutrition for children under 3 years of age, the data on the nutrition of women during pregnancy and lactation. Given sets of products and dishes, children's needs for nutrients, schema, feeding, diet. Recommendations for nutrition of children with various diseases.
Is intended primarily for pediatricians.

Table of contents

Chapter I. Peculiarities of nutrition in children of early age
Chapter II. The needs of young children in essential nutrients and energy
Chapter III. Nutrition of pregnant and lactating women
Chapter IV. Feeding the child's first year of life
               Natural feeding
               Artificial and mixed feeding
Chapter V. Feeding premature babies
Chapter VI. Catering of children at the age from one year to three years
Chapter VII. Nutrition of young children living in children's collectives
               The peculiarities of nutrition of children in infant homes
               Organization of meals in pre-school institutions
Chapter VIII. The principles of clinical nutrition in young children with various diseases
Cooking special meals for children in the first year of life
Than to drink child: juice or tea?

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