How to lose weight

how to lose weightExtra pounds - are they so "innocent", as many believe their owners? Doctors and specialists in physical therapy, bring new information about obesity, tell about its adverse consequences, recommend loss program. Provides a set of exercises for fat people - children and teenagers, adults, parents with children that can be done at home.
For a wide circle of readers.

We offer a wide range of readers section on prevention of obesity in adults and children, and about how to lose weight without exhausting diets. This topic cannot be called a fashion, but it does not lose relevance. Those who are obese - and there are many - or who among relatives have such a person, knows well that obesity raises a number of personal problems and complications with your health and that is not so easy to eliminate excess fat stores.
Although obesity in children and adults varies tremendously, yet the disease is broadly the same, moreover, is often the family, that is damaging several family members in two or three generations.
The authors of the section dealing with the issues of obesity, weight loss, and first of all by means of physical therapy. Doctor of March Strakova, assistant of the Department of Pediatrics of the Institute of advanced training of doctors and pharmacists in Prague, Josef Simsova, one of the country's best teachers of physical education, will acquaint the reader with questions of obesity in children; Ph.D. Jiri Sonka from the laboratory of endocrinology medical faculty in Prague and PhD Alena Gurkova with the Department of physical education of the humanitarian faculties of Charles University will cover the problem of obesity in adults.
This section contains some new information about obesity. We tried to answer why one easy to lose weight, and another is possible only at the cost of many efforts and sacrifices. The easiest way to tell that fat man eats a lot and little moves. Such a sentence, of course, would alienate a person suffering from obesity, from deliberate systematic treatment, and it will probably seek salvation in promising but irresponsibly recommended weight loss programs, which are often only harmful to health, and what is more, after the full people usually more gain weight. The problem of obesity is, actually, not that one day abruptly to lose weight, but to save reduced body weight, and this requires a transition to a new, modern way of life.
We would like you as much as possible used the free lessons and practical advice on how to prevent obesity or how to get rid of him so that they benefit you and those on whose motor mode and eating habits you may have an impact.

"All unnecessary harm" - says the old proverb. Harm, therefore, that the person has excessive body weight and excess fat. It had long been considered a sign of health and well-being, as was thought at the time, when people were doomed to punishment because of the lack of food as a result of crop failures and wars and when exhausted, especially children, faster getting sick and dying more often than those who ate well. Now almost one third of the population (especially in developing countries) in literally starving, one third of mankind has enough food (from the point of view of their energy value), but not suitable composition (deficiency of proteins and vitamins), and one third, simply put, overeat. We regard - and unfortunately and fortunately - to the last group. Thankfully - because everyone has the right to work, education, and through that a sufficient quantity of food. Unfortunately - because we do not know how, sitting behind a rich table, there is moderate and select only necessary for preservation of health food products that do not contribute to obesity.
Much of the harm caused by the desire to give the children what "better" and "more" from a very early age. As a result of improving care for mothers and children not only decreased infant mortality and the number of diseases, but also today's children were taller and heavier than their peers in the past. Many weigh more norms, and a further increase in weight due to excessive or improper nutrition is not only undesirable, but also harmful to health because it leads to the infringement of a metabolism and balance in the body. Even though the child does not look painfully, on the contrary, "flowers", laboratory researches, directly or indirectly reveal the increasing variation in metabolism. In case, if not in time, measures will be taken, occur obesity, which, as a rule, was later complicated by the gall bladder disease, diabetes, hypertension, early atherosclerosis, stenocardia, myocardial infarction, deformations and aging joints.
It is proved that the obese people live on average the less, the longer they are obese and heavier than its form. Obesity as a result of its widespread and caused them serious complications often becomes a cause of disease, disability and low productivity, and a source of life difficulties of various kinds, ethical and economic. Therefore, the company seeks to protect themselves against this modern plague", in due time to pay attention of people to the dangers of obesity, explain the reasons, mainly to specify how to prevent and treat. Will serve this purpose and this section is dealing with the food, and above all physical education from early childhood to old age.
You will read the opinions of experts from Czechoslovakia, dealing with obesity. The authors not only popular told what changes cause weight, how they affect health, but also proposed a comprehensive program that includes diet and physical activity, for those who want to lose weight or prevent overweight.
The tips outlined in the section, are addressed to people of different ages, and especially parents - that they should foster in children the habit to eat right, to introduce them to physical culture, it is much easier to learn a healthy lifestyle in childhood, than to correct errors. All recommendations given by the authors, it is available to everyone. The main thing is to start and not to stop halfway.
Figures for Soviet publication taken unchanged from the Czech original. Probably you surprised that these are slim, slim figure - because the exercises are intended primarily fat. Apparently, the authors decided to show what you can become, if rational feeding and regularly engage in physical culture. But even if you will reach the "ideal"presented on the figure, do not despair - in any case, your weight will be reduced significantly.
Closing last page, choosing a weight loss program or maintain a normal weight without dieting, don't delay on the far shelf!

How to lose weight faster? Strength exercises or aerobics.

Below is a characteristic features of the effects of strength training and aerobics in the course of metabolic processes in human organism.

Many women believe that doing exercises with weights, they will be able to lose weight faster and prefer that fitness aerobics. They are partly right. Bodybuilding or weight training accelerate the course of metabolic processes in the organism and preserve their impact on him much longer than aerobics. During strength training the body is forced to spend a large amount of energy. He also needs rest and proper nutrition. And here we find aspects, invisible at first sight.
Various sports allow you to burn fat differently. Performing strength exercises, the body breaks down more carbohydrates than fats. This dramatically increases the metabolic demands of the body. Even after one session body in several days continues to recover. This process is significantly different from the results of aerobics. Aerobics splits a greater number of fat calories through the use of oxygen during exercise. The main source of energy for strength training at short but intensive loads, is glycogen. In addition, the power of fitness allows a person to increase muscle mass of his body. And the more muscle mass of the body, the faster metabolism - even in times of peace. For this reason, wants to reduce their weight with diet and aerobic will not be able to lose weight faster than those who do strength exercises. Aerobics not build muscles. In addition, during exercise, the body often begins to use its muscle mass instead of fat. Except for this effect do You expect?
Both these types of sports have their advantages. The best way to lose weight quickly is to use them in combination. Performing aerobic exercise immediately after bodybuilding will allow to double the effect of training. Strength exercises forcing the body to burn a lot of blood sugar. Doing aerobics, he is fat. It will be good after doing bodybuilding thirty minutes to go on the treadmill.