Resorts Of Europe

The former socialist countries of Europe is very rich in natural therapeutic agents: mineral springs, mud fields, forest, mountain and seaside climate stations. Resort resources of these countries are widely used for rehabilitation of the population and the fight against various diseases. Fell into oblivion times, when the workers of these countries, it is extremely in need of treatment, could not get to the resorts, as they were filled aristocratic nobility, the nobility, the factory owners, merchants and landowners, who came to have fun. In the former socialist countries resorts available to all: hundreds of thousands of workers, peasants, workers and other categories of workers are treated annually and rest resorts, sanatoriums and rest houses.
Communist workers party and the government of the former socialist countries paid great attention to the development of resorts and organization of rest of workers. On reconstruction of old and construction of new resorts and bases of leisure in the countries of socialism annually allocated large allocations. For the short time that has passed since the establishment of the people's democratic regime, in socialist countries had a large number of first-class sea, balneological, mud and other resorts, which are not inferior to many resorts in the world, built and developed for centuries.
With the further development of Spa care in new socialist basis of people's democracy has used the experience of building the Soviet resorts. The exchange of information and experience that contribute to the further success of public health in our countries, it is extremely necessary and useful.
This section, the author of which is familiar with the production and development of sanatorium-and-Spa industry in the USSR and in the countries of socialism, aims to acquaint the medical community with resort riches of the former socialist countries of Europe. It provides data on the major resorts of our foreign friends, described medical factors of these resorts, methods of their use, the existing medical indications for treatment on them sick.
The publication of such assignments is long overdue. The need is particularly felt now, when measures are taken on strengthening economic and cultural ties between countries, expand mutual contacts between scientists and organizers of health care in these countries. Central Institute of balneology and physiotherapy of Ministry of health of the USSR and a number of Republican institutes of balneology and physiotherapy are already carrying out the coordination of its scientific research institutions of this profile other socialist countries.
Joint efforts of scientists of our countries is aimed at further development of the resort, to seek and resort increase resources for the development of more efficient ways of using them for treatment and prevention of diseases.
Since many of the described resorts of the former socialist countries of Europe are also national centers of international tourism and sports, and in addition, they are often organized and various other international meetings - festivals, contests, tournaments, congresses, conventions, etc., that section can be useful and interesting not only for medical professionals.

And yet at the resort!

We have invited you to travel by plane, by boat, by bus. We gave you the opportunity to know the opinion of those who are aces in diverse types of tourism.
You had the choice to go with a backpack Hiking or first climb on a rocky trail on a mountain pass, to paddle at the forest river or rotate the pedals on the fleeing South highway.
You had many to choose from, but you still prefer a combination of all three holidays in the resort.
...Yes, suppose our reader already elderly; suppose that eleven months of work rather bored him; suppose, finally, that he has no particular inclination to travel on rivers and in the air and especially to the new physical activity that promises him tourist trip.
This man going on vacation "just relax". And the word "simple binds with view of the southern (as a rule, the South!) the resort town, where, they say, in the abundance of fruit and vegetables where there is sea water, blue sky and the hot sun.
"I'm going to a resort," says such a person. And really goes in the resort area, close to the famous resorts, is going to spend your holidays there, where palm trees subtropics promise him serene life.
He blindly believes in the healing power of the South. Yalta, Gurzuf, Gagra, Matsesta - it seems that the very name of these already emanates youth and health. And why, may be, Amateur Spa visitor did not believe at first, Gurzuf vegetable market too expensive, Adler beach - too close, and mild headache in the evening not apply excessive generosity of the sun. The view him as a rule, the only change by the end of the vacation, when suddenly it turns out that "just relax" as the time and failed. Together with chocolate sunburn home from the South it is not brought, unfortunately, the main reserve of vitality.
Of course, if our hero was young, healthy, strong, three-week trip to South would never do him any harm. But it is not too young and even if not very sick, and not so healthy.
But because of the abrupt change of the usual climatic conditions had he not for the benefit and harm. After the "healing" of a trip to the South, in addition to General fatigue, suddenly found ailments, which he himself did not notice before: increased blood pressure, decreased appetite, appeared insomnia.
But all this could not be, go with our Spa guests to relax in Riga, Karelian isthmus, in the suburbs or in Belarus.
And, of course, that the healing resort only for those who are not contraindicated its climate, it is necessary to remember anyone who really needs treatment.
Practically in our country everyone has the opportunity to find the ideal conditions for Spa treatment. But, unfortunately, not everyone knows how to make the right choice between one or the other resort. According to the Central resort management Council of trade unions, over 15 thousand people spend their vacations at health resorts, stay where they are contraindicated.
This is explained, above all special prestige and attraction famous resorts: Kislovodsk, Tskaltubo, Yessentuki, Truskavets, sanatoriums with famous mineral springs or curative mud.
But is it always so necessary to travel far away, shaking in a train, to spend money on a long journey, and if there their Borjomi and its Saki, though not so famous, but not conceding on the healing properties of the famous southern resorts?
Often in rheumatoid arthritis, nervous and skin diseases doctors recommend treatment for hydrogen sulfide waters. But does this mean that we necessarily have to go to Sochi and Pyatigorsk? Thousands of residents of, say, the Volga regions, can the same effect be treated at St. Sergius of mineral waters that in the Kuibyshev region.
Do not yield to the Caucasus and mineral springs resorts in the Far East. Radon water is also available not only in Tskaltubo, but in Belokurikha, Altai, Khmilnyk and the Myronivka, Ukraine, the Lipovka in the Urals.
The resort as a health remedy - the concept of the complex. Here, again, you need to take into account the person's age, and his overall health, and features of the disease and, of course, the climate. But on the climate forget the most. And not only those who come to relax "wild", but the so-called "organized" health-resort visitors.
Today, when the resort business in the country put on a scientific basis, when human health is not only a matter of personal and state, such an attitude to the choice of their place of summer rest can be called at least frivolous.
Seven million six hundred thousand people had a rest last year the trade Union resorts. Trade unions belongs today more than 2500 sanatoriums, rest houses, boarding houses, tourist centers, pioneer camps.
In the end of last year the Presidium of the all adopted a decision on the further expansion of sanatorium-resort service of young people. Annually in the resorts of trade unions rest more than 40 thousand teenagers. In the near future this figure will double. Nineteen new sanatoriums will be youth. Opens resorts near Leningrad, Moscow region, Ivanovo region, in Kislovodsk.
Now in Pyatigorsk, Essentuki, Zheleznovodsk open its doors to the boarding houses for parents with children.
Today's health resort walked up and to the problem of mandatory rehabilitation treatment after their stay in hospitals. So, in many sanatoriums already allocated places for those who are discharged from hospitals of the Ministry of health of the USSR.
The state does a lot for the health-resort could be treated by those who really need it.
Interviews of doctors, we want to offer to your attention, should guide you, which of resorts should be preferred when one form or another disease like to spend your holidays that should be considered, starting in summer, South, East, or West of our country.