Children's sanatorium

In section summarizes current data on the status of sanatorium care of children, various forms of the organization of sanatorium treatment (children's specialized local sanatoria and resorts, sanatorium pioneer camp seasonal and year-round functioning, the sanatorium for parents with children, and others), described the features of selection, indications and contraindications for referral of children in the sanatorium different profile. Basic principles of organization of medical-diagnostic and preventive work in sanatoriums in different fields, are methods balneological health treatment. Great attention is paid to nutrition and educational work in children's sanatoria.
Designed for pediatricians and specialists in the field of balneology and health organization.

Spa treatment - one of the most important stages in the General system of treatment-and-prophylactic measures aimed at reducing morbidity and strengthening of children's health. Great attention to further improvement of sanatorium-resort treatment of children, increasing its role in implementation of the universal medical examination of the population pays the Communist party of the USSR and the Soviet government. However, many aspects to organize health care to children not yet sufficiently covered in the literature. The authors of this book have tried to fill the gaps existing in the field of this problem. The book not only highlights the major non-drug methods of treatment of children, rational use of climatic, balneology, physiotherapy methods, water thermotherapy, hardening, but also provides recommendations on the issues of educational work. It summarizes the long experience of the authors and analyzed the literature data. Given in Annex guidance materials (guidelines, regulations and other)that define the organization of medical and pedagogical work in sanatoriums different medical profile, can be of interest for specialists of this profile.
The authors gratefully accept critical remarks, suggestions that will help further to improve the organization of sanatorium-and-Spa care for children.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Stages of development of sanatorium-and-Spa care for children in the USSR.
Chapter 2. The principles of planning and development of a network of children's health resorts.
Chapter 3. Rules of medical screening and referral of children for sanatorium-and-Spa treatment. The allocation, disbursement and monitoring of the implementation of vouchers to sanatoriums for children.
Chapter 4. Basic principles of organization of work of children's tubercular sanatorium profile.
Chapter 5. The educational work in children's sanatoria.
Chapter 6. The main principles and methods of sanatorium treatment.
          The sanatorium mode
          Child nutrition
          Climate treatment and tempering
          Physiotherapy and massage
          Medical and other special treatments
Chapter 7. Clinical and paraclinical examination of children, estimation of efficiency of sanatorium treatment.
Indications and contraindications for treatment of children in local sanatoria and resorts (except tuberculous)
Diseases of the cardiovascular system
The list of recommended literature

The Communist party and the Soviet government pay great attention to the health of children. An important link in the overall system of the Soviet health care aimed at reducing the incidence of disease, health promotion of children is a sanatorium treatment. A wide program of measures for further improvement of the population health protection, health resort care outlined in the decisions of the XXVI Congress of the CPSU, in the resolution of the CPSU Central Committee, Council of Ministers of the USSR Council of trade unions "on measures for further improvement of sanatorium-resort treatment and rest of workers and the development of a network of health resorts of trade unions" dated 7 January 1982
Our country is very rich in natural curative factors are mineral springs and mud deposits, coastal, forest, mountain climatic areas. These resources should be used for rehabilitation and treatment of children with various diseases. The level of health and physical development of children during the last years is increased, but there are some diseases, the number of which is not yet reduced (allergic, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal). The origins of many diseases adults need to look for and avoid in childhood.
Sanatorium treatment, to maximizing the recovery of children's health after illness, prevention of chronic forms, improvement of functional possibilities and reserves of the health of the growing organism, is becoming increasingly important.
At the present time in the USSR there is a large and differentiated network of children's specialized sanatorium establishments of different profile and purpose: the children's health centers, local and located in the resorts, sanatorium pioneer camp all-year-round and seasonal sanatorium for parents with children, sanatorium forest schools. In many children's sanatoriums created opportunities for further education. The sanatorium is equipped with modern medical and diagnostic equipment. Sanatorium treatment, in contrast to stationary, includes a wide use of natural and preformed (artificial) physical factors, different forms of medical physical culture, special methods of treatment and rehabilitation of health. Maximum use of modern therapeutic factors depending on the specifics of the health resorts, the age of the child, the nature and stage of the pathological process related diseases, individual characteristics increases the effectiveness of treatment and preventive measures.
Sanatorium network of specialized given the structure of morbidity of children and the need for sanatorium treatment. On the basis of modern achievements of pediatric science developed differentiated indications and contraindications, principles of treatment of sick children in health facilities of different type. The correct selection of patients allows the most appropriate use of existing diverse network of sanatorium establishments. The Ministry of health of the USSR, the Central Council on management of the resorts of trade unions together with the Ministry of education of the USSR issued special regulations and guidance letters that regulate the most important aspects of the organization of sanatorium treatment of children, medical and educational work.
Rational combination of therapeutic and educational work with children, interrelated activities medical and educational personnel are very important. Organization of work of all employees of the sanatorium, regular increase of their qualification largely determine the level and quality of medical diagnostic and educational work, efficiency of treatment of children. A great role in the improvement of various aspects of activity of the staff of the children's sanatorium have basic sanatorium - school of excellence, the joint scientific-practical work of the doctors with scientists, employees of the research Institute of balneology, Pediatrics, departments of medical institutions.