Medical ethics

This section covers problems of medical ethics medical responsibility, duty, touches upon the issues of preservation of confidentiality. Basic provisions defining the moral figure of the doctor, some questions of medical personnel training.
Detail showing the nature, importance and specificity of medical ethics, highlighted the main problems, including discussion. The analysis of features of medical ethics socialist society, justified close relationship medical debt with a debt civil considered the moral problems of medical activity in conditions str.
Intended for a wide circle of readers.

Recently moral problems arising in the sphere of professional activity, are widely discussed on the pages of periodicals and scientific press, at conferences and seminars. Do not stand aside from such discussions and health workers. Since 1969, are regularly held in Moscow all-Union conference on problems of medical ethics and medical deontology, with the participation of prominent scientists - doctors, philosophers, practical doctors, heads of medical institutions. The participants are unanimous in an appreciation of the role of moral principles in medical activities. They emphasize the need to strengthen moral education of medical students, all health care workers.
Careful attention to ethical issues is not accidental: the high moral culture of health workers is a key factor in treatment. Honest, selfless work of our doctors, nurses, other health workers, naturally, got a high appreciation of people, gives them a sense of deep gratitude. At the same time great sorrow and indignation give rise to violations of the medical staff of his duty. Analysis of the complaints received by OBLZDRAVOTDELA from the population, shows that patients often complain even the disadvantages in the professional knowledge of a doctor, and the defects of their professional and moral behavior. High culture is not by itself, and brought up, and important role in this plays a proper understanding of the ethical problems of medical activity. Medical ethics is intended to promote the development of this understanding and resolution of these problems.


  • What the medical ethics
  • From Hippocrates to our days
  • Psychotherapy and medical ethics
  • Social hygiene and problems of medical ethics
  • Old and ever new questions
    In medical practice there are a number of problems, the successful development of which is possible only on the basis of scientific solutions obsessional issues about the relationship between individual and society, public and personal interests. This is not a complete list of these problems: medical secrecy, experimentation on humans, enforcement operation, the attitude to a terminally ill.

  • What is a medical secret
  • Is it acceptable experiments on people?
  • Is it possible to treat a person without his consent?
  • Moral whether euthanasia?

  • Problems of medical ethics, generated by scientific and technical revolution
  • Ethics and ethical category
  • "The doctor himself medicine"
  • Medical debt
  • Medical liability
  • Medical secret
  • The doctor and organ transplantation
  • The doctor and ethics of modern chemotherapy
  • Problems deontology
  • Conclusion
  • Literature

  • Instead of Foreword
  • Two against disease
  • Think of a doctor
  • To be or to become a doctor? Easy if the path?
  • Thoughts at the bedside of the patient: here to treat not only the body - the soul must
  • Pills pharmacist or the smile of a doctor?
  • A trusted physician knowledge. The word of medical secret
  • Euthanasia "right to life" or "the right to death"?
  • Ethics Clinician
  • Ethics of hope: the wisdom of the knowledge of the doctor and the psychology of the ignorance of the patient
  • The ABC of healing: first, do no harm!
  • Pharmacomania - "disease" serious: what and how to treat?
  • Why mistaken doctors? Do they have the right to mistake?
  • A wise authority staff: ethics, collegiality
  • Ethics patient
  • Ethic of reciprocity. Do the rights of the patient?
  • Moral ignorance: we know everything!
    Samoraspustitsya. The wisdom of moderation is the mystery of health
  • Psychics and chiropractic: who are they?
  • Mumie
  • Treatment of various herbs
  • Conclusion
  • Ethics for nurses