A practical guide for nurses of cosmetic bags-masseuse

The manual provides an overview of the anatomy of the head and neck, the functions of the skin. The list of drugs and the funds used for skin diseases and of those or other cosmetic defects. Detailed beauty treatments, are allowed in the practice of the sisters of the cosmetic bags: physical therapy, massage techniques, skin care of face, hands and feet, elements of decorative cosmetics and other Separate section is devoted to the diseases of skin and hair. There is brief information about the development of cosmetology. For sisters of cosmetic bags.

Medical cosmetics

  • General information
  • At least anatomy
  • Anatomy of the head and neck
  • Anatomy and physiology of the skin
  • Cosmetics
  • Beauty treatments
  • Face cleaning
  • Mask
  • Simple and effective traditional recipes matting facial masks
  • Treatments that cause peeling of facial skin
  • Massage of face and neck
  • The way that you choose facelift
  • Physical methods of treatment used in diseases and cosmetic imperfections
    Beauty treatments for diseases of the hair
  • How to get rid of dandruff?
  • Care facial skin
    Care of a skin of hands
    Foot care
    Decorative cosmetics
    Skin diseases
    The concept of discharge chute elements skin
    Pustular skin diseases (piodermity)
    Viral diseases of the skin
    Fungal diseases of the skin
    Other skin diseases
    Abnormalities of pigmentation of the skin
    Skin growths
  • Care for your colored hair
  • Sauerkraut as a means of skin care
  • Natural mask for delicate hands and strong nails


    One of the tasks of the Russian health care is further development and perfecting the specialized medical aid to the population, and this includes the improvement of beauty care.
    Cosmetology in Russia is not only one of the types of specialized medical care, but also the scientific study of methods of prevention and treatment of diseases and cosmetic defects. Scientific and methodological center for cosmetology is a Moscow scientific research Institute of cosmetology. It is an advanced and versatile development of this discipline. Cosmetology subtle way connected with dermatology, endocrinology, gerontology, physiology, chemistry, and other Sciences. A significant place in therapy takes aesthetic surgery. Cosmetic flaws have different origins and depend on the General condition of the body, the functions of its organs and systems. Their appearance and treatment also depends on the age, the effects of adverse internal and external factors. The most common diseases and cosmetic defects are seborrhea and acne skin, oily scalp, hair loss, the violation of skin pigmentation, freckles, hypertrichosis, benign neoplasms and wrinkles.
    Among different age groups, the morbidity and cosmetic skin defects varies. So, for example, from 15 to 19 years prevails acne; from 20 to 29 most often appear dark spots, especially in women; from 30 to 39 more often suffer from oily scalp and hair loss. Summarizing some results uptake shows that the most needy beauty care falls on the age of 20-39 years.
    The demand for cosmetic care is growing every year. There is a growing network of open medical and cosmetological institutions and beauty salons in the system of consumer services (hairdressing, Home life, and others), designed to provide assistance only for decorative cosmetics (hygienic massage for face, skin cleansing, not complicated diseases, color of hair, eyelashes, eyebrows, make-up, manicure, pedicure and others).
    One of the features of cosmetological institutions is that the treatment of many diseases and cosmetic defects is the average medical personnel - cosmetic bags-masseuses and epilators. It is established that the attendance nurses significantly higher than that of cosmetologists.
    All this prompted us to create a manual for nurses, who have a lot to learn and constantly improve their knowledge, to be able to organize and structure the work of the Cabinet, taking into account all medical requirements.
    Employees of the Moscow Institute of cosmetology - summed up all the necessary information for practice nurses and employees of the salons of domestic service.