How to keep a youth: the secrets of health and longevity

This section tells how to keep a youth to old age, as in old age to be physically and mentally healthy people.
In section the reader will find tips and tricks that will help it to strengthen health, to extend the active period of life.
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From time immemorial problem of aging and death stirred the minds of mankind. And this is understandable. Man, the highest creature of nature, up to the end of his days he wanted to stay young, healthy, full of energy and youthful energy. But, alas, closer to the ideal of only few managed. Most people, not even reached the pores wise maturity fell under the blows of various diseases and social injustice. For example, in Ancient Greece, the average life expectancy was only 18 years old, in Rome to the beginning of our era - 21, in England in the middle ages - the age of 33. "Our strong desire to live,- wrote in his time, I. I. Mechnikov,- is at odds with the infirmities of old age and brevity of life. It is the largest disharmony of human nature".
Scientists of different generations strived to unravel the origins of this disharmony. With the development of science was offered numerous recipes of youth, renewal, recovery of organism. Never thought about it Hippocrates, Asclepiades, Cicero, Galen and many other scholars of antiquity. Later the reasons that makes
human ageing, tried to find the bacon and Paracelsus, Buffon and Hufeland.
A powerful impetus to the development of the theory of aging and death was given the works of Russian scientists, M. C. Lomonosov, S. P. Botkin, I. I. Mechnikov, I. P. Pavlov and others.
But despite major scientific achievements in this area, the recommendations of scientists, their calls for an active and healthy life were not able at that time to find a broad, nationwide distribution, for were contrary to the very essence of capitalism, in which the physical and moral oppression of the working man was the norm, a primary driving force of the capitalist system.
"Capital,- said K. Marx,is not asked about the duration of life of the workforce. Interested him only the maximum of the labour force, which can be set in motion during the working day. It achieves this goal by reducing the life of the labor force...".
These words of the great thinker and humanist remain relevant in our days. The leading capitalist countries from one year to reduce and without that Kuts allocations for social needs of the workers, a huge percentage of the population of these countries remains completely outside any significant therapeutic and preventive maintenance. This is especially true for the US, where public expenditure on people's health are negligibly small compared to the huge numbers of the military budget.
Only the Great October socialist revolution opened the way to a truly harmonious development of personality. In deed, not in words our first state of workers and peasants gave workers a wide range of social rights, primarily the right to work, to rest, to health protection. Article 42 of the USSR Constitution stipulates: "Citizens of the USSR have the right to health. This right is ensured by free medical care provided by state health institutions; expanding the network of institutions for the treatment and improvement of health of citizens... deployment of scientific research aimed at preventing and reducing morbidity, to ensure long active life of citizens".
All this together with interested truly creative work of the Soviet people for the Motherland created in our time, a real basis for combat premature aging and death. And Soviet science on this question paramount attention.
Immediately after the October of Soviet scientists has set itself an important and deeply humane task is the lengthening of human life. On this problem successfully worked such outstanding scientists as A. A. Bogomolets, M. S. Milman, D. K. Tretiakov, M. K. Petrov, A. S. Shtern, 3. , Frenkel and others.
Recently there was created the Scientific research Institute of gerontology of the Academy of medical Sciences of the USSR. The Institute is the base of the coordinating Committee of the socialist countries on the development of research in the field of gerontology - the science studying the aging of living organisms, including humans.
For a long time in our country under the leadership of academician of AMS of the USSR D. F. Chebotarev implemented a comprehensive research programme "life Extension".
The fight against premature aging devoted to the work of the Public Institute of juvenology established in Moscow. He United the efforts of many scientific societies of the capital, in order to give our workers of modern scientific developments, allowing for years to preserve the health and working capacity.
These issues are highlighted and new book of the doctor of medical Sciences Lydia Anatolievna Bogdanovich.
The author, a famous Soviet psychohygienic and sex therapist, has collected considerable information. L. A. Bogdanovich invites the reader to think about a very important question: how in the years ahead to keep health, youth, strength, high performance? In support of its arguments, L. A. Bogdanovich cites various scientists of the past, the views of leading Soviet and foreign experts.