Why the child was nervous

The author of the section - child psychiatrist, S. Feinberg. His many years of medical experience, how often, seemingly insignificant errors parents in the upbringing of children lead to serious consequences, causing severe disorders of the nervous system of the child. In section analyzes the causes of various neuroses in preschool children, the methods of prevention and treatment of pediatric nervousness, methods of eradication of bad habits.
Addressed to parents and carers.

1. Errors in the education of the young child is one of the main reasons for the development of neurosis
2. The basic principles of education mentally healthy child
3. Children are different
4. The mechanism of occurrence of neurosises and reactive state in preschoolers
5. From Caprice up hysteria one step
6. Why the child becomes neurotic
7. Obsessive-compulsive disorder in children
8. Difficult children and approach to them
9. Fear fixing bad habits in children
10. More about some of the violations related to the nervous system
11. Organic diseases of the nervous system in children
12. The basic principles of psychotherapy in preschool age
13. Contact between family and kindergarten
14. The impact of schooling on the nervous system of the child

Almost 15 years at the mental hospital Lenin-Kirovsky district of Leningrad by the author of this section is held open psycho reception children. At this reception parents and teachers (regardless of their place of residence, without any directions) provide counselling for children with different types of neurosis, whims, fears, stubbornness, bad habits, incontinence and other disabilities in neuropsychic sphere.
Under the systematic observation of the author was over 3500 children with various nervous defects.
Experience has shown that in most cases properly selected educational activities (sometimes with the addition of medicines) could firmly to eliminate all nervous phenomena, and the earlier you start the patch, so it is easier and better.
Better results could be obtained if psycho and psychotherapeutic activities are still in pre-school age. In this section the author was written a series of articles under the title "From Cabinet of Psychoneurology", published in the journal "Pre-school education in December 1964, 1965 and 1966.
This material, revised and expanded, and made the content of this section. The author tried to cover it the questions that was asked of him in his numerous (more than 800) is the letters from readers.
Although section calculated in the first queue for the broad masses of parents and teachers, it describes a number of new and original methods of prevention and repair of various kinds of nervous breakdowns in children, which has proven itself in practice and will be of interest to Psychoneurology.