Sugar and human health

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  • "Clean, white and deadly"
  • The search for a solution of sugar
  • What do we know about yellow Sahara
  • The nature of the General actions yellow sugar
  • Influence of white and yellow sugar metabolism
  • The impact yellow sugar on fertility and condition of the white rat offspring
  • Sugar and tooth decay
  • Some of the results of clinical, biochemical and anthropometric observations
  • The book is devoted to the natural complexes of biologically active substances of food determining the internal environment of the person. Results of experimental studies and observations on humans, received a number of domestic and foreign authors in the application of refined (white) and undertreated (yellow) of sugar, containing saccharose and a complex of biologically active substances that have a beneficial effect on the body.

  • Natural complexes of biologically active substances (instead of conclusion)
  • It so happened that all 35 years of my work in the field of pharmacology given to the study of drugs that were not in fluidised bed combustion science. This is not synthetic and natural drugs, not the individual substances as complex mixtures. The action of such drugs was dim, developed slowly; they could not "boast" cure specific diseases and helped not so much sick, how many healthy people. Naturally, all this created a very great difficulties in the work. Slowly gained acceptance scientists and doctors legendary ginseng is the object of our research and cares for three decades. As many years we have given the Siberian ginseng is more than a full substitute ginseng, who won the world much faster. No less dramatic fate of santarina (product type pantocrine reindeer antler), which finally is issued by the industry, as well as other drugs of the common effects on the body.
    The biggest difficulties arose because it was not synthetic or extracted from plants and animals private matter, but a complex, multi-component mixtures. There are many reasons that scientists and practitioners prefer individual (net) substances that make up the pride of their creators - chemists, sintetico. With pure substances pharmacology easy: easy to dose and to determine the concentration in the tissues, it is easier to explore the so-called pharmacokinetics and so on Synthetic drugs is relatively easy to store, to determine qualitatively and quantitatively. We will, however, fair, and we emphasize known contributions to humanity many synthetic drugs.
    However, it should be noted that most synthetic drugs are not always has advantages from the point of view of those who consumes them. Modern brainchild of chemistry and brought many serious problems: drug disease, the spread of allergization etc. of Course, for the treatment of severe patients and salvation from death need a strong and fast-acting medications, even if not quite harmless. But another thing is when people have to resort to drugs in everyday life for usbdrive or soothe, prevention of atherosclerosis, regulation is not very large deviations in blood pressure and other similar purposes. It is obvious that the necessary medicines and a certain part of healthy people, and those in the intermediate state between health and disease - the so-called third state. Needless to say that medicine is only a special case of biologically active substances entering the body mainly from food.
    All these and other considerations have led to the conclusion that pharmacology as applied science consists of two main parts: pharmacotherapy and farmacocinetica. Historically predominant development received only the first - pharmacology diseases. But at least has ancient roots and second, forgotten in recent years - pharmacology healthy person, pharmacology health. Probably, to the importance of "another pharmacology" led me exactly what medications that I was lucky to investigate, were mainly medicines for healthy. All this is already described in the first and second editions of the book on pharmacology health, which, along with medical drugs for healthy discusses nutritional means of farmacocinetica. Among the latest important are the most consumed foods: flour, vegetable oil and sugar. They should attract special attention because more have become "victims" of modern technology that with persistence, worthy the best application, purifying them (again for the sake of technology, but not the person) is not harmful, and nutrients. For example, refined sugar can compete on cleanliness with chemical reagents. It is unclear just what we need such purity.
    As stated in one of the chapters of the book, useful properties yellow sugar were discovered accidentally. But when we started to realize and develop the problem of pharmacology, health, research, yellow sugar acquired even more importance. On the queue is not less important the study of flour more coarse and unrefined sunflower oil. And let us reproach, that we do pharmacology waste. Before us is a magnificent example, when pharmacology "dirt" led by Hans Selye to the opening of the General adaptation syndrome. Pharmacology health is a very important milestone on the road to try to generalize the ideas and facts relating to the problem of health in modern conditions. This book was first published in English. Now it is presented in a revised and expanded form.