Gipervitaminoz D in children

The monograph highlights the modern condition of a question on hypervitaminosis D in children of early age - disease, developing as a result of an overdose of vitamin D, and if you are hypersensitive to this drug.
On the basis of their own experience data of domestic and foreign literature, the authors examine the main causes of hypervitaminosis D, distribution, questions of disease pathogenesis, clinic, diagnosis, prevention and treatment. In addition, the monograph presents recent data on the vitamin D and its ommendaanti forms. Gipervitaminoz D is considered as common disease of the body, which particularly affected the gastrointestinal tract, nervous and cardiovascular system, kidneys.
Designed for pediatricians, doctors of various specialties, biochemists, vitaminnogo, biologists, physiologists, pathophysiologists, and senior students of medical institutes.


Rickets in children is one of the major problems in pathology in children. Currently, in connection with the success of prevention and treatment of rickets rarely observed its severe form, but light and moderate still common (Svetkina, 1971). As is known, even easy flowing rickets adversely affects the course and outcome of various childhood diseases, contributing to the increase in child morbidity and mortality. In this regard, the tools and guidance stresses the need for specific prevention of rickets young children, regardless of their living conditions and the nature of breastfeeding (Svetkina, 1964, 1971; the Tour, 1966). Unfortunately, in recent years there has been some wrong setting on the application of vitamin D for the treatment and prevention of rickets in children, resulting in increased cases of hypervitaminosis D. still the treatment and prevention of this disease is poorly understood, so treatment and prevention activities are often delayed and, therefore, are not sufficiently effective. In this regard, we found it necessary to illuminate the causes of hypervitaminosis D, and its prevalence in different climatic and geographical conditions.
For a successful fight with hypervitaminosis D necessary pathogenetic orientation and timely remedial measures, which is impossible without profound study of pathogenesis, clinics, especially the initial manifestations of the disease in children. In recent years received new experimental and clinical data of importance in the scientific and practical terms that require generalizations. When hypervitaminosis D along with a variety of functional and morphological changes take an important place breach of different types of metabolism. Recent studies have shown that this disease are violated tissue processes.
However, views on the mechanism of occurrence, the thrust of these violations, as well as on the measures for prevention of their development are different. In this regard, the development of rational treatment and preventive measures to combat hypervitaminosis D will help to prevent the development of severe and often irreversible changes in a child's body.
We believe that the study of hypervitaminosis D is important, because this problem is closely connected with the issues of prevention of rickets and prevention of possible complications due to irrational use of vitamin D. moreover, in the national and foreign literature, we did not encounter special monographs, dedicated to the D-hypervitaminosis in children. Due to limited volume of the book does not pretend to exhaust all aspects of D-vitamin intoxication in children. The authors goal was to highlight the main issues, which are necessary in the fight against this disease. We believe that the presented data we can help pediatricians to understand the essence of Dr. Hypo - and D-gipervitaminoza States that have not uncommon among children.

Chapter I current data on the vitamin D
     Structure and physico-chemical properties of vitamin D
     Metabolism and modern data about ommendaanti forms of vitamin D
     The absorption and transport of vitamin D in the body
     The distribution of vitamin D3 and its metabolites in the body and ways of their elimination
     The role of vitamin D in the absorption of calcium in the gut
     Vitamin D or the hormone?
Chapter II Basic causes and spread of hypervitaminosis D in children
     The frequency of hypervitaminosis D and its distribution
Chapter III the Pathogenesis of hypervitaminosis D
     Calcium metabolism in hypervitaminosis D
     Currency inorganic phosphorus
     Magnesium metabolism in hypervitaminosis D
     The acid-alkaline ratio and protein metabolism
     Vitamin D and biological membranes
     The Genesis of bone changes when hypervitaminosis D
Chapter IV Pathological anatomy
     The results of the microscopic studies
Chapter V Clinic of hypervitaminosis D
Chapter VI Classification, diagnosis, differential diagnosis
     Calcification of the skin and subcutaneous tissue disorders in children
     The calcification
     Phosphate diabetes (rickets resistant to vitamin D)
     Syndrome de Toni-Debre - Fanconi's syndrome
     Primary tubular acidosis
Chapter VII the Issues of rational prevention of rickets. Prevention and treatment of hypervitaminosis D in children
     Postnatal prevention of rickets
     Treatment of rickets
     Treatment D-vitamin intoxication