Eye injuries in children

Section in the popular form tells about the causes, effects and prevention of children's eye injury. Provides the necessary information about the structure and security apparatus of the organ of vision, basics of first aid for injuries eye.

From all sense organs of the person the most important is undoubtedly the organ of vision. Through him, people get more than 80% of all external information, the range of which is immense - from cosmic distances to the microcosm. Visual information is the most reliable and has for a person of the utmost importance. Rightly say that "it is better once to see, than hundred times to hear". Vision is the main means of and a precondition for almost all types of human activity. Loss of vision leads to severe disability, causes him great suffering.
The organ of vision provides a very complex transformation of light rays reaching the eye from the outside, in a conscious person peace of the surrounding objects and phenomena. Accordingly its complex functions eyes have a complex structure and consist of highly differentiated and are very sensitive to any kind of damage (injury) tissues. Already minor trauma, irrelevant to other organs and parts of the body, the eye can be serious and even fatal. Therefore, in the common struggle with injury prevention of damage to the organ of vision must be given the particularly important location. However, despite the efforts of medical workers, children of eye injuries continue to be high. Eye damage is one of the most frequent causes of blindness in children.
The purpose of this booklet is a brief introduction of the General public with the types, causes, consequences and prevention of eye injuries in children, as well as measures of first aid at them.

  • Structure and security apparatus of the organ of vision
  • The causes of childhood eye injuries
  • The outcomes and consequences of damage to the organ of vision
  • First aid for eye injuries
  • Prevention of eye trauma in children