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Individual psychological factors contributing to the development of alcoholism

The allocation of man from the animal world was accompanied by a qualitative change and the biological needs, they were filled with a certain social content. K. Marx wrote: "the Famine of the famine, but the hunger that is satisfied boiled meat, eaten with a knife and fork, it's another hungry than the one in which swallows raw meat with the help of hands, nails and teeth" 1. Thus, the biological basis of need persists, but their content and the ways of meeting are determined by the specific relations and forms of human activity. The range of human needs is expanding, new, unrelated to biology, and related social content of a person's life needs in communication, self-expression, recognition, and so on, farther away from the needs of biological existence are the highest spiritual needs associated with the pursuit of beauty, goodness, truth.
The inclusion of a specific individual in the pursuit of the common social objectives and leads to the clear subordination of their needs. Humanized and cultivated needs biological plan capacidade higher needs. Higher needs (social and spiritual) dominate in the whole system of motivations behind human behavior in society (Zdravomyslov, 1986). Morality, the ability to align their actions with the public interest, the various forms of spiritual consciousness ultimately complicate the structure of human needs, but at the same time, frees him from unambiguous determination of biological incentives and aspirations. The more socialized, the clearly formed the hierarchy of needs with the highest spiritual values and social interests, the more the person is capable of self-organization in the direction of a conscious, active and creative life. The more man is a personality.
Briefly the essence of the human person is the sum of values, informed and the adopted person. The core of a person and there is a system of shared semantic units. The personality of man is manifested in his position, in the main permanent relationship to itself, to the people of the world. Thus, the main sphere of the person - the sphere of moral values, the evaluation. Passing through the prism of a person, this or that plan of action the person is assessed for compliance with the basic values accepted by man. In the context of higher, dominant human values of human action becomes meaningful. The human sense.
And the most powerful requirements are not implemented automatically when they occur, and can be blocked higher personal formations. Biologically determined needs of the human body can be suppressed as unacceptable in specific life situation, if their implementation is contrary to the moral values of his personality. Personal attitude is sometimes implemented and the price very life of man.
If next to specify the notion of "identity", then, in addition to the meaning of values, it will include and nature as a form of realization of these values, the way of the manifestation of the life position of a person. Nature already largely constitutionally determined and defined as genetic natural instincts and education. It includes the main features of mental warehouse and the corresponding deeply entrenched typical ways of functioning of the person.
The nature and core of a person can be in different relations to each other (St.Petersburg, 1985). Bad character traits with irritability, lack of restraint could undermine the implementation of positive personal aspirations.
Finally, a "native" as kernel personality and character are the psyche and people in General. The body and mind function on his rather rigid laws that leave a mark and at the top personal manifestations of the human spirit.

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