Inductothermy is a method of physiotherapy, based on the application of a magnetic field of high frequency.
Magnetic field (with a frequency of 13.56; 27,12; 40,68 MHz) is formed when passing through a wire coil (which is a flat, conical, cylindrical spiral or loop) AC specified frequency connected to the units for inductothermy and UHF-therapy. Applied to the patient's magnetic field, according to the law of electromagnetic induction excites well in conducting electric current tissues, organs and liquid environments of an organism eddy currents of high frequency, or Foucault, causing the formation of heat.

Fig. 1 Machine for inductothermy DQC-1

Fig. 3. The inductor to the configured path to the units for UHF-therapy.

Under the influence inductothermy normalization of nervous system, stimulates the function of various organs and glands of internal secretion, increases by 1-6 degrees (or more) of local and slightly (by 0.3 to 0.9 degrees) General body temperature, metabolism, improves blood circulation, enhances the protective reactions of the organism, has been delayed reproduction of pathogenic microbes.
The inductothermy used in subacute and chronic inflammatory diseases of different organs and systems, dystrophic and adhesive processes in them, fractures, violations of peripheral blood and in some acute diseases: pneumonia, pleurisy, nephrite, reflex anurii. Inductothermy contraindicated in malignant tumors, toxicosis, blood diseases, atherosclerosis, strokes, blood circulation disorders of the II and III degree, inclinations to different types of bleeding, sharp depletion, pregnancy.

Fig. 2. The inductor to the units DQC-1 and DQC-2: 1 - inductor in the form of cable; 2 - inductor in the form of a disk ; 3 separators for inductor in the form of a cable.

Domestic devices for inductothermy-DKW-1 and DQC-2 (Fig. 1) equipped with inductors in the form of a disk with a diameter of 20 and 30 cm) and a cable length of 3 m (Fig. 2).
The inductothermy conduct and apparatus for UHF-therapy: Screen-1, UHF-62, UHF-T, Isotherms, to which it is attached inductor with a tuned circuit (Fig. 3). When conducting inductothermy inductors have a distance of 1.5-2 cm from the body of the patient.
Procedures inductothermy conduct and in the presence of pronounced hair, skin defects, dry plaster bandages, the patient may be dressed. They dosed according to the intensity of the magnetic field strength anode current generator lamps devices for inductothermy, feeling sick heat and duration of the procedure. Duration of the procedure is 15 minutes early in the course of 30 to 40 minutes at the end. The number of procedures 10-20 course (depending on the observed effect).
The inductothermy can not be performed in the presence of metal bodies in the area of the projection of the inductor, damp plaster bandages. The simultaneous use of the same region inductothermy and galvanization (see) is called galvanopuncture (Fig. 4, 1).

Fig. 4. Inductothermy:
1 - galvanization (galvanopuncture) of the abdomen;
2 - interscapular region;
3 - the field of spine;
4 - the area of the wrist and small joints.

The most frequently used methods inductothermy shown in Fig. 4, 2-4.
To avoid electric shock devices for inductothermy satelayt, repair of vehicles DQC-1 and DQC-2 produced off the supply shock, be sure observing special rules for electrical safety.