Plastic induration of the penis (induratio penis plastica)

Disease is a chronic process, expressed in the development of fibrous thickening in the protein shell of the cavernous bodies of the penis. They are dense, little painful, have the form of plates or nodes. The latter are formed both, in one cavernous body, usually on the back, less often on the lateral surface of the body of the penis. With the tunica process can go on connective tissue septum cavernous bodies of the penis, interfering with erection uniform filling with Blood cavernous phone
The etiology is unclear.
Nodes grow slowly and unevenly. They never exposed to inflammation or softening. The skin above them is mobile, not changed.
Curvature of the penis during erection happens to the side of hardening, distal to which the penis badly strained.
Treatment. Treatment is most effective in small doses of estrogen and cortisol. It is possible to achieve stabilization of the process, even some reduction of nodes, but a complete resorption their occurs rarely.