Infantilism - underdevelopment of the body. There are General infantilism, characterized by delay the overall development of the body, and partial - underdevelopment of separate organs and systems. In addition, infantilism divided into congenital and acquired. Causes of infantilism: infectious diseases carried in early childhood diseases and injuries of the brain, congenital anomalies of the cardiovascular system (for example, heart diseases, endocrine diseases, poor living conditions in early childhood, intoxication parents (alcohol, lead, mercury and others). Among the different types of infantilism the most striking clinical picture have the following.
Infantilism sex women can be combined with the General infantilism or to be isolated. In the first case, along with insufficient development of the genital organs there is a delay of development and other systems of the body.
These women are usually small, delicate Constitution, the bones of the skeleton thin, pelvis, usually narrow. Underdeveloped Breasts, poor adult pubic, underarm. Anatomical underdevelopment genital combined with their functional insufficiency: there are a violation of the menstrual cycle, decrease or lack of sexual feelings, often infertility, spontaneous miscarriages. If the pregnancy ends delivery in time, it mostly occurs primary weakness generic activities, and then Hypo - and atonic bleeding. At partial infantilism women normally folded, mentally full, but there is a different degree of anatomical underdevelopment of genitals with their functional insufficiency.
Infantilism sex with men, combined with the General infantilism, is characterized by the following features: high child's voice, poor vegetation on the face, armpits, on the pubis. Secondary sexual characteristics are weak. There are functional disorders of the reproductive system. Libido is reduced or absent, childbearing violated. Isolated underdevelopment only sexual apparatus common in men less often than women.
Psychic infantilism. Can occur in people of both sexes and to be the only manifestation of delay of development; more often it is combined with General and sexual infantilism.
For mental infantilism characteristic stop the development of the psyche of the person on the level of children's age. Its main features are: instability of attention and perception, superficial, hasty judgments, inability to analyze. Often carelessness and thoughtlessness combined with egocentrism, mood, as a rule, unstable, there is a tendency to fantasy, nervous breakdowns, lack of confidence in their abilities, fear of all new. People with mental infantilism, ability to work independently is limited.
Forecast of infantilism largely due to the reasons that caused it. If infantilism associated with chronic progressive diseases (congenital anomalies of the cardiovascular system, some endocrine diseases and others)do not respond to treatment, the prognosis is poor.
The diagnosis is usually not difficult, it is Important to find the cause of infantilism, as this determines the possibility of successful treatment.
Treatment of infantilism. It is necessary to treat the underlying disease causing infantilism. The sooner the patient will be showed signs of infantilism and the treatment starts, the more chances for success. There should be a thorough, preventive examinations in children's institutions, to establish health-building activities. The detection of diseases of the endocrine glands need to establish timely treatment. In congenital malformations timely operation. Sexual infantilism women treated sex hormone - estradiol and progesterone in a specially designed schemes. At the same time appoint a variety of thermal treatments, mud cure, diathermy. Attach great importance to strengthening therapy, special gymnastics, nutritious food, proper mode of life. When sexual infantilism men are recommended hormonal preparations (required by prescription).