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Doctors in collaboration with the specialists of the Moscow medical stomatological Institute named after N. A. Semashko (MMSI) introduced a new method of stopping gastrointestinal bleeding.
Instead of the operation the patient was offered to swallow a flexible tube with a small bulge in the end. This fibergastroscope - a kind of tiny "TV", which allows the doctor to look into the stomach of the patient, the Doctor can manage end of the tube, turning it on all sides, and thus inch by inch to explore the stomach. Through a special channel fibergastroscope doctor washes the affected area of the stomach wall. And then puts on the crack of the mucous membrane of the drug Gastrozol" - biological glue. Thin layer of glue closes surface cracks: the bleeding stops. The scalpel in this case is not needed.
Stomach pain subside, when the doctor continues to manipulate the tube of fibergastroscope. The whole procedure takes about 15 minutes Then it regularly repeated every two days during 10 days.
The introduction of a new method became possible after it has been proven safety examination of the stomach during bleeding through fibergastroscope. Rapid improvement of health of the patients is due to the fact that the composition of the preparation "Gastrozol" includes substances that are not only stop the bleeding, but also conducive to intensive healing the affected tissue.