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For almost three years were tested multipurpose laser complex "Liman-2" in IRI eye microsurgery. The doctors ' opinion: the device is excellent. This unique complex, since there's nowhere else in the world. The fact that the existing ophthalmocoagulator performed each only one function. OK-2, for example, was designed for welding of the retina and the destruction of the tumor, "Yatagan" - for the treatment of glaucoma. And if during the operation you want to perform a few such manipulations? What to do? After all, be applied in a single operation, several laser installations is almost impossible. Yes, and equip a number of operating all types of lasers difficult. In the new instrument for the first time in the world in one complex combines several lasers, which allows him to solve almost all tasks of laser microsurgery and therapy in ophthalmology. It is made in the form of several laser modules - gas laser and four solid state. Their combination can be varied depending on the needs of particular clinic. Convenient system aiming provides high precision pointing a laser beam at the place of coagulation.
The company that developed the laser system,
already submitted documentation on its industrial production to the plant, where this year will be launched the serial production of the device.
Laser surgical installation "Daisy-2" is announced in 1985, the plant is used in neurosurgery, microsurgery, gynecology, otolaryngology. Equipped with a micromanipulator for moving laser beam. It can be used with operating microscopes domestic and foreign types. The developed device in TSNII Elektronika.
Interesting improved physical therapy laser apparatus RIP-01 is equipped with a new radiator and fibre optic devices.