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New ultrasonic complex allows to influence the previously inaccessible areas of the internal organs and often to avoid surgery.
Many doctors were interested in the stimulator of the gastrointestinal tract "Andolon-1". For restoration of activity of the muscles in patients with surgical, neurological and traumatological profile with success can be applied in the Stimulus-1". Great opportunities opens its use in sports medicine.
Intensively implemented into medical practice and transcutaneous analgetic stimulation. Among such devices - portable "Liman-208". It allows to enhance the effectiveness of treatment in difficult cases. The device is a lightweight, easy to use portable design. Intended for sale to the population.


Garrett Lee (University of California at Davis) has developed experimental removal of cholesterol deposits in the arteries by using laser light.
After having sclerotic plaques are installed, to the site of blockage of the artery catheter is supplied with a diameter of approximately 3 mm, which is located inside the beam of the light guide fibers role of sight for the laser. Light passing along this beam illuminates the area adjacent to the head of the catheter, and through other fiber is passed to the image of the observed space. In close proximity to pinpoint the beam is fibre optic fiber that carries a beam of laser light to vaporize cholesterol.


In Germany and the USA developed relatively painless and does not require surgery methods of removal of kidney stones, one of which involves the use of ultrasound.
After the introduction of chemical paints for designation of the authority on the x-ray in the kidney is a thin needle, without anesthesia. Then with its help there is a tube with a fiber fiber to observe the kidney on the TV screen.
Depending on the circumstances of the stones can be removed immediately, or crush them with the help of ultrasound and then to suck. This procedure usually takes no more than 90 minutes, and the stay of patients in hospital for an average of 4 days. 104 of 109 such operations in the Mayo clinic (USA) proved successful. Complications were relatively minor and included the penetration of fluid or blood in the area around the kidneys.


In one of the English hospitals made complicated surgery to remove tumors of the spinal cord of a 14-year-old boy, the implementation of the operation, which lasted 5 hours, it became possible thanks to the fact that we managed to get a ultrasonic scalpel worth 93 thousand dollars.
In this tool, designed for the delicate surgical operations on removal of brain and spinal cord, to the destruction of the tumor is used ultrasound, and the remaining tissue is removed with the help of laser scalpel.
Although doctors do not promise full recovery for the patient, they found that his state after the operation is satisfactory and that in the future he will be able to walk.

Methods that are completely excluded wearing a corset and surgical intervention, based on electrical stimulation of the muscles around the spine. When one of them (developed in Los Angeles), called lateral electric stimulation electrodes placed on the skin surface, and when a friend suggested in g, Toronto (Canada), electrodes implanted in the muscles surgically. The second method is more efficient, because it more proper placement of the electrodes.