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Until recently there was not enough effective methods of therapeutic treatment of trigeminal neuralgia and often there is a need for a neurosurgical intervention.
Offered by Soviet scientists method of laser acupuncture can greatly relieve the suffering of patients, and in some cases leads to long-term remission or recovery.
Patients, which used this method, had the disease duration from 4 to 20 years and prior to that, repeatedly, but without adequate therapeutic effect was treated in hospital.
Used low-intensive helium-neon laser equipment of domestic production (APL-01, "electronics", RIP-01, AGR-13, "Rhythm-6"), the Procedure is painless, perhaps contactless influence on acupuncture points and painful areas, expressed analgesic effect, emotional-volitional sphere of the patients regulated. Clinical and electrophysiological researches have allowed to develop the most optimal parameters of influence.
To relieve acute pain syndrome was used high doses of CW laser radiation with a power flux-density 30 MW/cm2 and time of effect on one point acupuncture or painful area of 20 C. the Total time should not exceed 5 minutes
When choosing the place of action appropriate to comply with the following sequence: first, Direct beam on acupuncture points located on the distal hands; then on the point in the places of branches of the trigeminal nerve on the healthy side; then in the places of painful branches with a sore hand and at last all trigger zone.
Now there are good grounds for application of the method of laser acupuncture in treatment of various forms of neuralgia.


Electromagnet eye manual AMGR-01 is designed for extraction of ferromagnetic objects from the cavity of the eye under the hospitals. He will replace stationary magnet EMG-2, currently released. The new unit pulse mode of operation in which the magnetic flux pulsed nature, gradually swinging a foreign body, remove it from the tissues.
Another advantage of the new auto-way maintenance mode and local lighting of the surgical field.
Electromagnet AMGR-01 developed by the special design Bureau of dental equipment and electric motors. Its release is launched at Volgograd plant of medical equipment.


At the Department of hospital surgery of the Vladivostok medical Institute carried out the treatment in outpatient settings 55 patients with gastroduodenal ulcers introduction through fibroangioma film-forming drug "Gastrozol". The course of treatment is 10 applications in 1-3 days. New film-forming composition allows to achieve an early and persistent anesthetic effect, accelerates the recovery of the wounded tissues and protects the mucous membrane from the influence of gastric juice. Complications were not observed. Was a rapid healing of gastric ulcers (18.7 per day) and duodenal ulcer (20.7 per day).