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In England created the new device is designed for examination of internal organs. Novelty is called "magnetic introscope". The principle of its action is based on the phenomenon of nuclear magnetic resonance.
With the help of this device it is possible to take pictures of any internal organ, thus providing medical staff with the most necessary information cannot be obtained even by using modern x-ray machines.
The scanner allows you to reveal details, still invisible in the body by x-ray, for example, it can give a precise answer is found in one way or another body the tumor is malignant or benign.

The specialists of the laboratory of medical devices scientific research Institute of rubber and latex products jointly with Central research Institute of traumatology and orthopedics has developed implant replacement. It is successfully used in medical practice.
The implant is used, for example, In the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. In this disease, if the time treatment is started or if it is mild, the process ends quickly. However, in severe cases there is a lot of pain, fingers no longer listen to bend. Here and helps the implant. It consists of a small rubber tube, which is in the middle it is thickening, reminiscent of the hemisphere. This is the main part of the implant. During the operation, the ends of the tube is inserted inside a thin metal rods strengthened in the bones. In this case, a place of natural joint is artificial.
The material of the implant, flexible, elastic, durable. Among other requirements that apply synthetic joint, it should not destroy surrounding tissue to cause inflammation. It was found that these properties of silicone rubber. It is milky white in color, soft (like plasticine). After passing through the presses, dies, up camera, silicone rubber gets the desired shape and properties.
And yet before I get into the hands of the surgeon, the implant must undergo a very thorough investigation. First of all you must know what are his mechanical abilities.
Let's take the simplest situation we should try to bend the finger. In this case the joint. How many times can support the work of the joint artificial?
In order to know it, the joint silicone strengthened in a special device. After 20 million flexion and extension movements was the analysis of the material from which made the joint.
After many mechanical studies followed by sanitary-chemical. Their task is to determine whether during interaction with the body be washed away from the implant some harmful substance in the thermostat placed silicone joint and poured a little water with a temperature of the human body. Thirty days was carried out a detailed study of the chemical composition of the liquid. The results gave a positive assessment. Not found any harmful for the human body connection.

Last year the Institute of Neurology in Rome for the brain surgery was used a laser beam transmitted over fiber optic cable of optical fiber. A powerful laser beam installation completed 400 m from the laboratory Polytechnic centre. According to experts, the transfer of cutting beam at such a distance opens new prospects for the use of laser technology in medicine.