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By adsorption now widely used in many areas of medicine, and every year its scope is widening. Blood, lymph really can skip through the adsorbent, refreshing, clean, better... But what struck by the authorities? They were through the column can't miss it.
And here's research group of age-related pathology at the eye diseases Department of the pediatric faculty of the 2nd Moscow medical Institute in collaboration with chemists recently under the leadership of senior researcher O. S. Komarova conducted experiments on clarification of the opacity of the cornea by means of sorption. In various pathological processes in the cornea of the eye accumulate calcium in higher concentration than usual. Contacting proteins and other biopolymers, calcium transformed into an insoluble form. The accumulation of such a calcium makes the cloudy cornea, less transparent. With a strong degree of turbidity main method of return of view was corneal transplantation. Experiments on animals showed that instead of the operation forced instillation of such eye solution containing chelating agents, active absorbent calcium and retrieves it from the cornea to the solution, make it clear again. For objective evaluation of the effectiveness of this method of treatment of the cornea animals fed labeled calcium, thus creating the model of the disease related to keratopatia. However, the turbidity of a cornea was increased. After this "intrusion calcium" bad eye has established a small cylinder, and watered the cornea curative mud, one of the main components of which were complexing agents such as these - indianinternet acid disodium salt or sodium salt diethylenetriaminepentaacetic acid. This is all chemical substances, able to selectively remove calcium from fabric and translate in therapeutic solution.
Such a solution with the extracted calcium analyzed then on the counter radioactive isotopes, repeat this procedure multiple times. And every time the unit recorded a new portion of adsorbed on the combined retrieved from corneal labeled calcium. After several forced installations turbidity of a cornea decreased.
Some of the used chelating agents used in medicine before. They are non-toxic and do not cause harmful side effects. However, the study of their activity with application in ophthalmology implemented for the first time. Now this method is implemented in the eye wards 1-St children's city clinical hospital of Moscow.