Infrared radiation

Infrared light is invisible radiation with a wavelength of 0.76 MK to 1 mm Infrared rays occupy the spectral region, which lies between the red end of the spectrum visible rays and short-wave part of the spectrum of radio waves. Sources of infrared radiation are the Sun and other heated body. The biological Effect of infrared radiation is determined mainly by the absorption of fabrics of infrared energy that could accelerate a variety of physical and chemical processes and the corresponding physiological reactions (vasodilation, increased permeability of the walls, and others).
With significant influence of infrared radiation on the organism response may be of a General nature (increase of currency, change of immuno-biological processes, strengthening of thermoregulation) and even to determine pathological changes. Infrared radiation is used in medicine, scientific research, forensic and therapeutic purposes. In the conditions of production of infrared radiation can cause occupational injuries (including cataract foundry and glass-blowers). For protection from infrared radiation use special glasses and clothing.
Infrared radiation in physiotherapy is used for deep heating of tissues. At therapeutic doses within a few minutes the skin appears red (thermal erythema), which in % - 1 hour disappears.
Infra-red lamps are fed from the lighting network of 120 or 220 V, the heating element power 300 W, temperature 400-700 degrees.
For treatments reflector installed at a distance of 50-100 cm, a little sideways from the irradiated surface. Duration of the procedure is 20 - 30 minutes and more depending on the nature of the disease; dosimetry - feeling sick negushevo heat. Irradiation every day, sometimes repeatedly during the day, at the rate of up to 25 procedures. After the procedure rest 15-20 minutes the Procedure is done by nurses.
Infrared radiation is used as an analgesic and resolving tool in subacute and chronic inflammatory processes, neuralgic pain, myositis.
Contra-indications: an active form of tuberculosis, bleeding, ulcers, tumors, severe weakness and exhaustion. Cm. also Phototherapy.