Parietal digestion and microbes-assistants

According to the classical idea of the processes of digestion, the main events occur in the cavity of the gastro-intestinal canal. There is a food lump, which are flowing down the juices were already known to us glands, rich appropriate enzymes.
However, in addition to this mechanism, digestion, named stripe, there is another. It was opened by the famous Russian physiologist Alexander Mikhailovich Ugolev. This mechanism is called wall or membrane digestion. As it turned out, villous structure of the small intestine, in enormous degree enhancing its working surface is necessary not only for the effective absorption. Abdominal digestion is splitting molecules of proteins, fats and carbohydrates on a relatively large part, then in prostranoj area on the surface of the fibers is further crushing, the making available to the most basic "building blocks" - amino acids, fatty acids and sugars.
During the last years, it is also shown that digest food and provide us with necessary substances help to some extent microbes living in the intestines. The so-called ballast substances, for example cellulose, we need not only to ensure the motor function of the intestines, but also as a useful resource for us microscopic assistants in the case of digestion.
Of course, among microbes, especially those living in the large intestine, there are many of those that cause putrefactive processes and harm, about which we will talk. Therefore, to solve clearly the question of whether it is useful or harmful to us presence in the gut microbes, it would be wrong. Microbial population of the intestine is both a factor and positive and negative. We should appreciate the use of beneficial microorganisms and to limit undesirable actions harmful "tenants".
During the suction products of digestion of fats pass into the lymph, which in vessels coming from the intestines, has a whitish color and is called the milky juice. By the way, the color of milk also due to the tiny droplets of fat (fat emulsion), making it opaque and white. Other substances are absorbed mainly in the blood that is collected in the portal vein and flows in the liver.