Innervation of periodontal

The periodontal abundantly supplied with maketime and bezmacernyh nerve fibers joining him through the narrow space from the bottom of the alveoli and through the holes in the side of her walls. Part fibers penetrated from the bottom of the alveoli, immediately ends in apical part of periodontal; the other part is directed to the side of his Department. Some fibers come in cement its roots in the top. Nervous same fiber, which came through the holes in the side walls of the alveoli, nerviruet average and marginal sections of the periodontium. In the middle part formed a powerful plexus bezmacernyh fibers. Closer to the cervix plexus formed as of bezmacernyh and makalnyh fibers. Throughout periodontal scattered many receptors, which represents the free nerve endings, having a form of bushes and glomeruli. Chastikovyh endings especially many in the apex of the root. The glomeruli are single and double (L. I. Falin, 1956). The close relationship chastikovyh receptors with collagen fibers periodontal gave L. I. Felino reason to believe their initial link peritonialnogo reflex governing chewing pressure.