Inoperability - the condition of the patient, which in view of the gravity or with features containment or high prevalence of pathological process cannot be applied surgical treatment. Temporary inoperability may occur with heavy blood loss, intoxication, in the most severe shock. In these cases, the operation begins after holding relevant events (blood transfusion, plasma and other), which improves the condition of the patient.
Persistent inoperability occurs most often in advanced malignant tumors (cachexia, metastases, sprouting out of the reach of operation bodies)Inogda (for example, when running cancer of the rectum), the patient may become operable after intoxication and inflammatory infiltratescaused joined infection, will be eliminated by imposing anus praeternaturalis (see) and treatment with antibiotics. Therefore, the conclusion about inoperability makes the surgeon only after a thorough examination of the patient and trying to improve his condition.