Foreign body bladder

The bladder can penetrate a foreign body, such as bullets or metal fragments at gunshot wounds; hairpins, pencils, honkie candles, wire, thermometers, introduced into the urethra with the purpose of Masturbation; fragments of rubber or elastic catheters; items wrongly trapped in a bubble when trying to abortion. Foreign body, in addition to glass and Nickel, are covered salts and become the core of the stone.
The bladder can migrate foreign body from neighboring organs and tissues, such as gauze, cotton balls, mistakenly left at intraperitoneal or gynecologic operations, bullets, silk ligature, etc.
Glass items, bullets, metal splinters removed by catatonia. In other cases it is possible to remove a foreign body indonesienne forceps or lithotripter - cystoscope. The cylindrical objects should grab one of all, studs - bend place.