Foreign bodies

Foreign body - articles, working from the outside in any part of the body. The nature and amount of foreign bodies, the way of their implementation and localization different. In the palm surface, plantar surface of the foot is usually accidentally fall needles, pieces of wood, glass, wire. In the tissues of the shoulder, thigh, buttocks can remain part of needles, broken at the injection. When gunshot and knife wounds in the tissue being introduced bullets, shot, pieces of metal particles service, the earth. Needles, bullets, glass fragments, pieces of wire and other acute foreign body through the puncture chest wall or walls of the esophagus can penetrate into the pericardium and even in the heart. During operations in the cavity and tissues of the body sometimes accidentally leave tools, gauze napkins, drainage tubes. In the esophagus and the stomach usually fall bones, pins, pins, nails, dentures. They swallowed accidentally or intentionally (mentally ill). From the stomach of a foreign body down in the course of the digestive tract and can linger in any part of the intestine. In the rectum of a foreign body introduced and through the anus.
In many cases, foreign body are encapsulated and long clinically manifest. Usually a foreign body lay still in a place of introduction, and the opinion of their wandering in the body of a man is not justified. Foreign body may move in the thickness of the muscles when they reduction in gravity to fall down in purulent cavities, to move through the intestines under the influence of peristalsis.
Almost all foreign body infected and can cause the formation of an abscess, bursts of anaerobic infection. Supporting the inflammatory process, they prevent the healing of wounds. Sometimes in the old postoperative scar is formed an abscess or long-term healing fistula, at the opening of which together with the pus departs ligature. Situated in the joint, foreign body can cause violation of its functions, near nerves - pain, numbness. The pressure of a foreign body in the blood vessels can lead to the formation of a bedsore vessel and bleeding.
For diagnosis of foreign bodies is of great importance carefully assembled history given the nature of the injury, as well as x-ray examination, giving an idea not only about the localization of foreign bodies, but also about its relationship with other bodies. When fistula recognition of foreign bodies can help fistularia (see). The presence of foreign bodies can specify painful seal near the wound, hematoma, retinal detachment of the skin.
Remove foreign bodies on the strict condition, as is often the search for him and the difficulties associated with the removal, lead to more serious violations, than the presence of foreign tel. Emergency subject to removal of foreign body, causing disorders of functions of vital organs (stenosis of the larynx, a hollow organ perforation, bleeding, intestinal obstruction).
Remove newly established foreign bodies under the skin and easily apparently, can produce a medical assistant; located deep foreign body removes only the doctor.
In primary treatment of wounds try to remove foreign bodies (see the Wound, injury). Deeply stuck in the tissues of a foreign body is removed, if they cause significant functional impairment, pressure vessels and nerves. When multiple foreign bodies (the cases of injuries fraction) do not always manage to delete them all and must be limited to removing those that are visible or cause the most pain and disorders of functions.
Indications for later removal of foreign bodies can be: supported foreign bodies wound suppuration, the formation of fistulas, re-bleeding. Before the operation impose preventive dose (1500 AE) antitetanus serum. After the operation is shown introduction of antibiotics.
The majority of foreign bodies of the esophagus and stomach run smoothly in the intestine and without causing damage comes out naturally. Patients with foreign bodies gastrointestinal tract shall be subject to monitoring in the hospital. It is strictly prohibited laxatives. To facilitate promotion of foreign body appointed foods that contain a lot of fiber. The passage of a foreign body through the intestines radiologically controlled. It is necessary to watch faecesto ensure the output of a foreign body out.
Surgery to remove a foreign body from the stomach taken in cases where the size and shape of a foreign body exclude the possibility of his promotion (open pocket knife, the handle of a spoon, a fork, and others), the long delay of a foreign body in the field of gatekeeper and the emergence of signs of violations of the evacuation of the stomach. The long delay of a foreign body in the intestines, most often in the field of bauhinias damper, when the signs of peritonitis and intestinal obstruction shown laparotomy.
Foreign body rectum are removed by forceps with the help of a mirror or proctoscope (but not a blind finger!). To make this manipulation carefully, as this may damage the mucous membrane of the colon or the sphincter. In addition, a foreign body in trying to seize it may move up in the intestine, and for its removal may need laparotomy.

  • Foreign body in the eye
  • Foreign body in the ear, nose, throat, larynx, trachea, bronchi and esophagus
  • A foreign body of the uterus and vagina
  • A foreign body of the bladder and urethra