Foreign body in the ear, nose, throat, larynx, trachea, bronchi and esophagus

Foreign body get into the respiratory tract and ears in most cases in young children. In adults contributing factors are fast food, dental defects, a state of intoxication. Foreign body can be the most various small objects (seeds, sunflower seeds, beads, coins, buttons, icons, and other)and insects (bedbugs, cockroaches, flies and others).
Foreign body in the ear (especially insects) can cause discomfort. Delete it must be preceded by the examination and determination of the nature of foreign phone Insects usually put you to death, zacapa in the ear sterile oil or 2-3 drops 2% boric alcohol. The safest way is to flush the ear with warm water syringe Jean (as in removing earwax). If irrigation does not lead to the goal of a foreign body is removed stupid little hook. Children this procedure to be carried out under brief anesthesia. The hook is flat slid for a foreign body, turning to the middle and the movement to remove yourself. Swelling foreign body should dehydrate by re-injection into the ear of pure alcohol.
A foreign body of the nose often located in the bottom or middle of the nasal passages (in front of the nose). A characteristic sign of the presence of foreign bodies is one way obstruction of nasal breathing and pus from one half of the nose. After inspection and detection of foreign bodies produce anesthesia of nasal mucous membrane and then removing foreign bodies stupid hook.
Foreign body fall into the throat with food (for example, bones, pieces of wood, the husk from the grain. When hasty swallowing over the esophagus can become stuck pieces of hard or neprerivno food, closing the entrance to the larynx and leading to asphyxia (see).
Symptoms of foreign bodies throat - pain and difficulty swallowing. At long stay of a foreign body in inflammation.
During the examination of the throat, you first need to produce anaesthesia mucous membranes, lubricated with dikaina with adrenaline, then carefully examining the throat, and sometimes to feel her finger and make a radiograph. Found a foreign body is removed forceps or cranked tweezers.
A foreign body of the larynx, trachea and bronchial tubes are usually small, slip through the glottis, and in a moment of deep breaths fall into one of the main bronchus (usually the right). Not wedged foreign body can move to the trachea, but vyhodnou it out prevents podvysotsky Department of the larynx.
The movement of foreign bodies in the trachea terminated only after the exhaustion of the cough reflex. Large foreign body, wedged in the throat, can cause asphyxia. The closure of one of the bronchus causes atelectasis and may be accompanied by compensatory emphysema other departments of the lung. At first when hitting of foreign body experiencing bouts of convulsive cough, often with vomiting and cyanosis of the face. Coughing repeated several times. After fixing a foreign body in the upper respiratory tract clinically and radiologically specify the diagnosis. Barotrauma foreign body is removed (doctor!) when direct laryngoscopy (see). Fixed a foreign body is removed usually when tomography (see).
A foreign body of the esophagus are mostly located in the upper third. Symptoms: difficulty swallowing, feeling dull pain and heaviness in the chest or along the spine. Sharp foreign body may cause perforation of the wall of the esophagus and phenomena flamanskogo of periesophageal or of mediastinitis. Diagnosis is based on questioning and examining the patient, fluoroscopy and x-ray examination of the esophagus with a cold weight. Foreign body is removed by means of esophagoscopy (see Esophagoscopy) and the introduction of a special long tongs with different kinds of foreign bodies of different tips.
Prevention consists of explanatory work among the population, interviews with parents and caregivers of children's institutions. In conversations should emphasize the need to address small items of children's games (sunflower seeds, peas, nuts, buttons, coins, and so on). The food given to the children, should not contain small bones or grains.
All patients with suspected foreign body should be forwarded to the medical institution, where can be provided with special assistance. A foreign body of the nose removed paramedical personnel only, provided that they can easily removed with tweezers (for example, pieces of paper, gauze and others). You should never remove a foreign body rounded shape of the ear and nose tweezers or tongs, as this leads only to the promotion of a foreign body more deeply.