The Institute of a name of N. N. Burdenko

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On the noisy and crowded street Gorky goes quiet street, bearing the ancient name - Tverskaya-Yamskaya. In the end it is a great long building, on the pediment of which the inscription: "Institute of neurosurgery named after academician N. N. Burdenko". Near Golden letters - the image of the order of the red banner of Labour, which in day of the twentieth anniversary awarded the Institute "for merits in the field of Soviet health care.
Outside the fence of the garden is a monument of gray granite, the founder of the Institute, Professor N. N. Burdenko.
Small neurosurgical Department, organized in 1929, N. N. Burdenko and prominent neurologist Professor Century Century Carmeron, in 1934, was transformed into the Institute and now has become the largest research and treatment facility global importance.
Moscow Institute of neurosurgery is undoubtedly one of the best in the world. He is the pride of Soviet medicine. The Institute employs outstanding Soviet neurosurgeons Professor B. G. Egorov, L. L. Koracha, A. A. Arendt and others. Six clinical departments and numerous laboratories of Institute are equipped with the best, most modern equipment and facilities. The Institute conducts daily 7-8 complex operations on brain and spinal cord.
Numerous scientific staff of the Institute working on resolving the most important problems of neurosurgery: diagnosis and treatment of tumors, traumatic injuries and some vascular diseases of the brain and spinal cord, prevention of complications in the postoperative period, the use of radioactive isotopes, the study of electric currents that occur in the human brain (electroencephalography) and other
Only in recent years at the Moscow Institute of neurosurgery visited the scientists of the countries of people's democracy, India and Italy, France and England, Switzerland and Finland and many other countries. Foreign guests highly appreciated the scientific achievements of the Soviet neurosurgery.
If we take a short tour around the offices, operational and laboratories of the Institute, then you can get some idea of modern neurosurgery, its successes and achievements, and about those issues over which there is still much work to do.
To imagine the practical value of neurosurgery, the first thing to mention the diseases of the Central nervous system, which are subject to surgical treatment. Such diseases quite a lot, but we will focus only on the key.
Tumors of the brain and spinal cord - a rare disease. However, if such a diagnosis is selected, a surgery is needed, and the earlier the better.
Brain tumor diverse. Therefore, the results of surgical treatment depends on two primary reasons: first, from what part of the brain the tumor is located, and second, what is its nature, that is, whether it is benign or malignant.
Almost all benign tumors of the brain and spinal cord can be removed completely, even in cases when they reach large sizes.
Unfortunately, not all brain tumors can be removed completely. However, quite often there are cases when even a partial removal of the tumor significantly improves the patient and for a long time prolongs its life.