Tests liver

Biochemical methods of research, certainly play a leading role in the clinic study of liver diseases. However, they cannot answer many questions facing the Clinician. So, morphological changes are often not reflected in the indicators of biochemical samples (C. S. Weill, 1961; Popper, Schaffner, 1957). The above limitation of biochemical research requires the use of methods to study the morphology of the liver and histochemical changes in its tissues during the life of the patient, to estimate the volume of morphological changes in the liver, to find out the rate of change of blood supply to it. Such methods are laparoscopy, liver biopsy, radioisotope gepatoenteralna, reogepatografiya, x-ray examination. Each of these methods has its own opportunities and constraints that define indications to use it, and place in the complex of diagnostic techniques.