Intoxication - corruption body poisons that enter it from the outside (exogenous intoxication) or formed in the body (endogenous intoxication). Exogenous intoxication caused by substances as animal and vegetable (poisons contained in the various plants, bacterial, snake venom, and the chemical origin (mercury, organic substances, gases, and so on) (see Poisoning).
At infringements of a metabolism, endocrine diseases and disorders of the allocation function in the body can develop or accumulate substances that have a toxic effect. Caused by intoxication are referred to as endogenous (see Poisoning).
There are acute and chronic toxicity. First occur when a single ingestion of large quantities of poison, the second - by the accumulation in the body of toxic substances that permeate it in small doses over a long period of time. The clinical picture of intoxication depends on the agent that caused it, and the state of the organism at the time of exposure of the poison.