The syndrome of respiratory failure

The most frequently respiratory disorders are observed in a coma when hardening pneumatic ways in the zapadenia language, aspiration of vomitus, the sharp broncoii (increased secretion of bronchial glands) and salivation. In these cases, you must remove the tampon vomit from the oral cavity and pharynx, to suck mucus from throat with electric pump, bring the language of azadirachtin and paste the duct. It is necessary to conduct postural drainage (drainage) by periodically changing the position of the patient in bed, turning it on its side every 1 - 2 hours. When pronounced salivation and bronhorea need subcutaneously to type 1 ml of 0.1% solution of atropine, if necessary re. If asphyxia caused by burns of the upper respiratory tract and laryngeal edema, requires an emergency tracheotomy.
When violations of respiratory Central origin on the background of a deep coma in the absence of self-breathing movements or obvious lack of breath hardware needed artificial respiration that can be carried out after preliminary intubation or using masks, tightly pressed to the face.
For long-term artificial respiration (see) is most appropriate vehicles, adjustable volume,- RO-1, RO-3. In the absence of artificial respirator or the time required for the preparation of his work, should be artificial respiration method mouth to mouth. In all cases of violation of external breathing should be oxygen therapy.
To combat disorders intravenously injected 300-400 ml of 4% solution of sodium bicarbonate. For drug stimulation of respiration you can use intravenous 3 ml cordiamine or 10-20 ml of 0.5% solution bemegrida, but in the case of mechanical asphyxia to enter these solutions should only after the liberation of the respiratory tract. When convulsions introduction bemegrida contraindicated.