intubationIntubation - bloodless operation of introducing into the larynx hollow tubes with the narrowing of larynx, threatening the patient Seduxenum. Used most often in children with diphtheria larynx (true groats), and also in cases skoroprechodaschie of stenosis false croup (see Groats), angioneuroticeski swelling of the larynx and so on
Contraindications to intubation are stenosis of the larynx that require a long stay in her tube. When intubation are set consisting of incubator, excubitor, mouthpiece and down and six metal or plastic tubes. Each tube and there is an indication of the age of the patient, for which these tubes are intended.
Before intubation, should be ready set for tracheotomy (see). Before operation it is necessary to check the ease of slipping off with mandrel endotracheal tube. Is intubation mainly patient is in sitting position. Child with stretched along the body hands tightly wrapped in sheets and put in the hands of the assistant so that his knees assistant could hold his feet; with one hand holding the head, the other chest and arms. The head of the patient should be slightly tilted to the front. In the mouth enter the mouthpiece and down and index finger of the left hand, which feel free edge of the epiglottis. The epiglottis press to the root of the tongue, and lower back by the same finger probing cone tops harpalini cartilage with the cut between them. As a result, the tip of your finger covers the entrance to the larynx.
Tube, fixed at incubatore, on this finger to promote the entrance to the larynx, push the end of a finger and slightly lifting the handle of incubator up, put a tube in the glottis, gently pushing it deep into new sensations harpalini cartilage. After that, incubator pull out. Double thread, carried out through the hole in the cylinder tube, strengthen around the ear.
Operation must be performed without any violence.
Extubate - remove the tube by pulling the thread which is fixed tube in his throat. If no threads are forced to actuator. The child who made intubation, should all lied to me to be under the supervision of medical staff, able to intubirovti as intubirovannam child can happen spontaneous loss of a tube through coughing or the lumen of the tube can be closed atturgalsemaj films or mucus.