Disability servicemen

Disability servicemen - resistant, long-lasting or permanent, impaired ability to work due to illness, injuries, injury or injuries sustained by soldiers during the period of military service (in peacetime or wartime, at the front or in the rear).
Servicemen who lost their health in the period of military service, pass examination in the military-medical commissions (IHC), which decide the question about the possibility of continued service in the Russian Army and on the causal link diseases, contusion, mutilation or injury with military service. In case of unsuitability for military service for health reasons soldiers after his discharge from the Russian Army can be directed in VTEC to decide on their ability to work in a civilian setting.
When disability former soldiers of VTEC determines the cause of disability in exact accordance with the conclusion of the IHC about the cause of the disease or injury.
VTEC has the right to establish a causal relationship disability with their military service regardless of the time of conversion of a former serviceman in mlce.
To invalids from among servicemen are equal persons, disease or injury which is associated with the presence in a partisan or in captivity.
In Russia about the disabled war is manifest special care. In addition to the pension, they enjoy a number of benefits: benefits dwellings, communal and other services, free sanatorium-resort treatment, the right to get free medicines from the pharmacy; if necessary, war invalids are provided with individual means of transportation (specially equipped cars and sidecar).