Iododerma - damage to the skin from prolonged intake of iodine, usually potassium iodide. In the case of the idiosyncrasies of iododerma may develop after a single dose of these medicines. Iododerma characterized granulomas painful and soft blue-masked formations up to 3-5 cm in diameter, surrounded by inflammatory bezel. Lesions are made up of fused pustules with infiltrated the base, a Central part of their ulcerated and covered with crusts on the periphery of new pimples. Favourite localization - face (Fig), neck, legs.
To differentiate iododerma should with malignant neoplasm, mushroom avium (see the mushroom Avium), tertiary syphilis (see), bromtimol (see).
Iododerma may manifest in the form of urticaria, acne, roseolous, vezikuleznaya, purpurovyi rash.
Treatment: discontinuation of iodine, lacto-vegetarian diet, diuretics; isotonic solution of sodium chloride subcutaneously or intravenously to 1 l, 30% solution of sodium hyposulphite intravenously for 10 days 10 ml per day, or 10% solution of calcium chloride, externally aniline dyes, antiseptic dressing. The prognosis is favorable.
Prevention: treatment iodine preparations to conduct courses with a break, in case of appearance of skin rash treatment with iodine should immediately be abolished.