Ion exchangers (exchangers) - solid, insoluble in water and other liquid substances, able to absorb from solutions of Nona by sharing their own ions. To ionites are clay, Apatity, some proteins; of particular interest for medicine ionites are obtained on the basis of synthetic resins (ion exchange resins). Ionites, containing hydrogen ions, H+, able to share in the cations are called cations; ionites, composed of hydroxyl ions Oh-sharing on anions, called an anion exchange resin.
Ion exchangers are widely used in ion-exchange chromatography (see), to remove salt from water softening, demineralization of water), when cleaning vitamins and other biologically important substances from admixtures, as well as for removal of ions of toxic substances from the gastrointestinal tract and regulation of ion composition of an organism under certain heart diseases. Cm. also Electrolytes.