Individual chemical package

Individual chemical package (left - assembled):
1 - large vessel in the parcel;
2 - small vessel;
3 - napkin;
4 ampoules with the smoke mixture.

Individual chemical package (IPP) - a set of preventive and therapeutic products for immediate use in contact with persistent toxic substances. IPP - personnel tool partial sanitary treatment (see). The IPP-51 (Fig) in the box-the case of plastics, which sealed PVC insulating tape, contains two vessels (small and large) in gauze bags; four small ampoule with smoke mixture (VCP), also in gauze bags, and four gauze napkins. The weight of the IPP-51 - 250 g S type sarin neutralized with a special solution contained in a small vessel. The solution is prepared, it should be used first. S-type mustard gas neutralized degassing solution from a large vessel.
One of the IPP-51 you can degassing about 500 cm2 the surface of the human skin or summer clothing (winter uniforms requires a greater number of degasser). The package is intended for single use. After opening the IPP-51 contents must not be stored.
The procedure of using the IPP-51 the following.
In the case of exposure of the drops S on skin and clothing to retrieve the package, remove the adhesive tape and open the case of the package. Dry napkin, taken from the cover of the package, carefully remove drops S with skin; extract from the box for loop small vessel. Thorn cover to pierce the shell of the vessel into 3-4 places and liquid contained in it, to moisten the second cloth. The moistened cloth to wipe the infected areas of the skin (with the need to protect eyes!). Infected areas service soak fluid from the same vessel, and with an effort to wipe the vessel wall without having to remove the gauze bag. Wetting and wiping repeat a few times until you use all the liquid vessel. To retrieve a large vessel, crush the glass ampoule, located in the lower part (to strike against the corner of the box), after which the vessel 15-20 times to shake. Liquid from it are treated the same skin and clothing and in the same manner as a liquid from a small vessel.
For pain in the nose, throat and chest should crush the head of the little vials with MPD and sniff her to relieve pain. If necessary, you may use another the same vial. If wearing a gas mask, crushed the glass with ELVs laid on the right side between the cheek and face mask. The IPP can be entered antidotes against other S Packed in shell type spric-tubikthat will allow you to enter antidote affected, located in the poisoned atmosphere.