Individual bandage

individual bandage
Individual dressing package: 1 - General view, 2 - gross basis, outside of the bandages (the dashed line denotes the color line; arrows indicate the movement of rolling compress-pads).

Individual bandage (IPP) is a means of first aid with injuries and burns. In a combat situation IPP is available on the equipment of each unit. In war and peacetime reserve PPIS should be borne in sanitary bags, on the posts and the point of care. The contents of IPP sterile, consists of bandage (10 cm X 5 cm) and two cotton-gauze compresses-pad size 18 X 16 see One of them tightly sewn to the bandage at the free end of it, the Other can be moved along the bandage (Fig). All this compactly folded and wrapped in parchment paper, fold which invested outside the secure pin. The parcel is enclosed in an outer shell made of rubberized fabric, airtight and waterproof, firmly preserving the sterility of the contents. On the shell printed quick start guide and date of manufacture of the IPP.
How to use: to break the shell on a cut edges, remove the cylinder of paper, pull the pin, unfold the paper. Take the left hand free end of the bandage, right - his roll and raise their hands so that the pads turned and massacred. Touch pad only, marked with colored thread, to impose them another side to the wound (or burn) one to another (two layers) or next (one layer), if the wound is large. In cross-wound one hole to close the fixed pad, another mobile, moving it to bandage; premenovat pads, to secure the bandage pin. IPP with damaged outer casing for the imposition of aseptic bandage unusable.