Iridotsyklit - inflammation of the iris and ciliary body of the eye. Occurs on the basis of a common diseases (tuberculosis, rheumatic fever, sore throat, influenza, fever, relapsing fever, gout, diabetes, syphilis, gonorrhea , and others), diseases of the teeth, sinuses, when skidding through the blood of pathogens or their toxins in the iris and the ciliary body. Inflammation can begin in the iris (irit), then spread to the ciliary body (cycle) or the process simultaneously covers both the shell is developing iridotsyklit. Iritis is accompanied photophobia, tearing, pain in the eye, hyperemia of the conjunctiva of the eyeball and peritonealnuu injection (redness around the limb). To change the color and pattern of the iris, causes the pupil, moisture front camera eye often becomes cloudy, there adhesions between pupillary edge of the iris and the bag lens (well detected when the pupil dilation).
When iridotsyklit to the phenomena of iritis join signs of ciclica: exacerbated pain in the eye, decreased visual acuity, on the back surface of the cornea appear grayish point deposits (precipitates), there is a vitreous opacity. Intraocular pressure is usually normal or slightly reduced. At a palpation of the eyeball is an acute pain.
Iridotsyklit with appropriate treatment (see below) normally ends with a recovery with recovery of view. In some forms iridocyclitis, such as rheumatic iridotsyklit, you may experience a recurrence of inflammation, which often lead to a permanent reduction of view. When heavy current iridotsiklitah may develop complications such as closing of the developmental pupil organized by the exudate, increment pupillary region throughout the bag, lens, causing secondary glaucoma. Usually (if time does not resort to surgery) this complication leads to blindness.
Treatment must be directed against a calling iridotsyklit reasons and is carried out on the orders of the doctor-ophthalmologist. Great importance has local treatment. At diagnosis is needed (only as instructed by the doctor!) to improve pupil backfilling 1% solution of atropine sulphate 5-6 times a day (or 0.25% solution of scopolamine). In addition, appoint 0,5-2,5% of suspension hydrocortisone 5-6 times a day, on the skin temple of the patient's eyes put two leeches, eye - dry heat.
Prevention - treatment of the underlying disease, liquidation foci of infection (sanation of oral cavity, the treatment of tonsillitis, inflammatory diseases of the sinuses).

Fig. 1. Diffuse metastatic iritis; smeshannoi picture of the iris, advanced vessels, pigment synechia. Fig. 2. Atrophy of the iris after recurrent iritis, circular fusion iris, bombardowania iris, secondary glaucoma. Fig. 3. Herpes iridis; damaged areas in the iris, bleeding in the front chamber (IFEMA). Fig. 4. Nodular form of tuberculosis iris. Fig. 5. TB bumps in the iris (small increase). Fig. 6. Focal metastatic tuberculosis iritis; big bold precipitates; in the anterior chamber angle - tuberculoma. Fig. 7. Papular iritis. Fig. 8. Gunma in the anterior chamber angle.