Barium enema - a method contrast radiographic examination of the colon with the barium enema. Irrigoscopy produce on an empty stomach after preliminary twofold cleansing enema: the night before the survey and 2-3 hours before over. For over are in the x-ray room , you must have a Cup of Asmara, Bobrov's apparatus or a glass funnel with a capacity of 1.5-2 l, rubber tube length 1,5 m, corresponding diameter glass connection tube 8-10 cm long, soft rubber tip 25-30 cm long and clamp Mora. It is desirable to have a tripod height of about 2 meters with a device to move the vessel with barium suspension vertically to deliver the nurse or nurse from the need to keep the vessel in his hands.
Barium suspension is prepared in a clean bowl and in good light (not in the photo) at the rate of 200 - 300 g of barium sulphate 1.5 - 2 liters of warm boiled water with constant stirring, and add water so that the temperature willing suspension was about 38 degrees.
Before the introduction of contrast suspension ensure patency of tubes, suspension need stirring all the time. The tube is clamped tip smeared with vaseline and injected into the rectum. Consecutive filling of the departments of the colon are under the control of scanning. After a tight filling in all the departments of the colon patient offer a bowel movement and begin to study relief.
For better identification of relief guts to content enema add 5 to 10 g tannin. With this purpose apply a method of inflating contrastirovania barium intestinal gas (air) using balls Richardson.