Sciatica - inflammation or sciatic nerve. Currently, the term "sciatica" is often replaced by the term "lumbosacral radiculitis". Etiology: osteochondrosis of the spine (see) with the formation of hernias of intervertebral disks and mechanical compression of the roots, members of the sciatic nerve, in the intervertebral holes, infectious and toxic nerve damage, particularly for diseases of the genitourinary system, varicose veins. A precipitating factor may be hypothermia or excessive exercise.
Symptoms: pain in the lumbar region (stage lumbodynia), joined by pain in the rear-the outer surface of the femur and tibia, often with the spread of the heel or thumb (radicular stage). Pains are lomasi, crushing, burning character, increase in movement, often have a cold and chilly feet. Patients lie in bed in a forced position on the side with a bent and given to the stomach leg or stomach. Pain can be lessened when walking to increase in the sitting position. During the inspection are determined scoliosis (see) in nizhnegorodsky and lumbar spine, pain pair-vertebral points, pain during palpation back-the outer surface of the femur and tibia. The tone of the calf muscles were lowered, the muscles often atrophic. Ankle reflex is reduced or disappears, sometimes there is a paralysis of the extensor foot and toes. There may be a reduction in pain sensitivity at the external-back of the thigh and lower leg. In causing the symptom Lasaga (going up straightened in a knee leg pain grows dramatically. When you try to sit up in bed sick bends the affected leg (symptom landing).
Treatment: in the acute stage bed rest, treatment traction, the strong pain injections dipyrone and chlorpromazine. Recommended intake amidopirina (piramidon), analgin, butadiona, reverine at normal therapeutic doses. Good therapeutic effect is the use of vitamins intramuscularly: 6% solution thiamine bromide 2 ml and cyanocobalamin from 200 to 500 mcg. Shown subcutaneous injection of 0.5% solution novokaina 5 " in places of the greatest pain, rubbing irritating ointments waist and legs (snake venom, bee and others), alcohol compresses, warmer and hot dry sand, stroking the warm iron. On the subsidence of the acute effects appoint physiotherapy (galvanization with novocaine, paraffin baths, pine and radon bath), massage, curative gymnastics. In the long course of the disease is shown sanatorium-and-Spa treatment (Matsesta hydrogen sulfide baths, Pyatigorsk and so on).
Disease prevention is to limit heavy physical work, you should avoid hypothermia. It is advisable reasonable tempering of the body, classes hygienic gymnastics and physiotherapy. In severe and long lasting disease in case of infringement of the nerve root hernia of intervertebral disk apply traction and surgical treatment with removal of intervertebral disk.