The outcome of poisoning

The outcome of poisoning depending on the nature of the poison and its severity can be a full recovery, the development of immediate and late complications, death. In fatal poisoning necessarily establish the cause of death. When non-lethal - communication of health disorders with the action of poisonous substances and determine the severity of poisoning (with the obligatory assessment of the danger to the lives of available extreme state of shock, collapse, coma and others).
Forensic medical examination of poisoning is considerably complicated in cases of medical assistance to the victims. Such assistance may be at home, in the hospital to hospital. The correct diagnosis of poisoning depends on timely laboratory studies to identify toxic substances. In case of receipt of victims to specialized centers for the treatment of acute poisoning Toxicological analysis of wash water, urine and blood tests may be conducted on the spot. Received (together with the victim) in a treatment facility remains of poison, dishes or packaging in which he was immediately sealed and transferred to the investigating authorities for further directions for research in the forensic laboratory. They do the same with leaching waters, vomit, urine and faeces in cases, when the victims in specialized medical facilities (General hospitals, clinics and other).
When evaluating the data of laboratory researches it is necessary to remember that the poisons in the body can, to the time of the study undergo certain changes, and therefore can be detected not poisons, and the products of their transformation.