Artificial respiration as a measure of assistance

Understanding of mechanisms of regulation of breathing allows you to properly practically important issue for assistance in a number of accidents.
No matter how different the water and electric current, people drowned and electric current are killed under similar conditions. First, they stopped the work of the respiratory centre and only then ceases to decrease heart. It is based on the possibility of returning them to life.
Good means of excitation of the respiratory center is artificial respirationin which occur the signals from the stretch of the lungs and respiratory muscles, traveling to the brain. Therefore artificial respiration is in such cases, the main measure of assistance.
It is clear that before we pulled out of the water artificial respiration, it is necessary to remove the water from the respiratory tract. To do this, put the victim breast into his lap so that the head and shoulders down and squeeze your chest. The mouth must be pre-opened and cleared of mucus. Thus it is necessary to protect the fingers, as jaw victim may suddenly collide. Only after that start artificial respiration. It is at the intensive care unit solves two tasks: on the one hand, to produce lung ventilation and to saturate the blood with oxygen (this is very important, if not stopped, the heart is), on the other hand to stimulate the respiratory center; on this side often do not know, yet it is of great importance. It is clear that the guarantee of success in artificial respiration is timely. The story of this assistance could therefore be entitled: "While the heart is beating".
Common early among poorly educated people pumping drowned and burying affected by the current nothing but harm could not bring. Of course, sometimes people survived, even though it's a disastrous intervention. However, very often it is this "help" was to prove fatal. Remember the story of A. P. Chekhov "Ambulance". Pulling out of the river, a drunkard and taking him for drowned, peasants uploaded it "to death and left, thinking, "then planida he is, not on land and in the water of death accept.